Chief Scientist Office open access policy

Applies to: all peer reviewed research articles, including uninvited reviews that arise from CSO grants and fellowships.

Applicable date: Articles submitted on or after 1 June 2022. Articles submitted before that date should follow the previous policy.


  • Articles must be immediately, freely, and openly accessible to all in Europe PubMed Central and a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC BY) must be applied.
  • The version of record or the author accepted manuscript (AAM) must be made open through Europe PMC by the final publication date with no post-publication embargo
  • Articles arising from CSO grants and Fellowships must include CSO in the funding or acknowledgement section and state the award identifier

Supporting mechanisms

Route 1: Open access via the publisher
Award holders can apply for funding to pay article processing charges during their grant and up to 18 months after grant closure up to a limit of £8,000. Use Form 6a.

If more than one line of funding is acknowledged applicants may need to confirm CSO is the majority funder. 

The Gold Open Access final published version of record paid for by CSO must be made immediately OA on the publisher website and in Europe PMC at the time of publication.

Route 2: Open access via Europe PMC
The accepted manuscript after peer review should be self-archived in Europe PMC using the Europe PMC plus service, or by publisher deposit if this service is provided by the publisher.

A Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC BY) must be applied to either the version of record where CSO has paid for Gold, or the author accepted manuscript regardless of the publication route chosen.

Any exception to the CC BY licence must be applied for in advance with justification.

Additional requirements

Deposit in Pure will be required to meet institutional requirements.

Researchers are free to deposit a copy of their accepted manuscript in institutional or subject-based repositories like arXiv and medRxiv.

If other funders are acknowledged too award holders should check their Open Access requirements.

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