How to deposit in Pure

To make your work open access and ensure your work can meet requirements for the next REF, deposit your Author Accepted Manuscript in Pure as soon as it is accepted along with the date of acceptance.

Log in to Pure and upload the author accepted manuscript of your journal article or conference proceeding. See the Open Access short deposit guide (PDF)

Monographs, books and book chapters do not need to be uploaded to be eligible for REF, however, it is encouraged you add these to Pure if you wish.

The minimum information you need to supply is:

  • date of acceptance
  • title of paper
  • author name
  • journal or proceedings name
  • accepted manuscript.

The metadata mentioned above is important because otherwise the Pure record cannot be saved. Starting from these minimal details, Open Research staff will search and add any missing metadata, and check REF compliance.

New records should be created as follows:

  • make sure ‘Peer-reviewed’ is ticked
  • select publication status ‘Accepted/In Press’ and add the full date of acceptance
  • [Publication date can be added later]
  • paste in the title of the paper
  • add the name of at least one internal author – use ‘Add person’ to add more if you can
  • select or add the title of the journal or proceedings where it will be published

After this has been completed click on 'Add electronic version (file, DOI, or link)...'.

  • select 'Upload an electronic version' and upload the peer-reviewed accepted author manuscript
  • select Document version: 'Accepted author manuscript'
  • select Public access as 'Open' [The OA team will check copyright policies and set embargoes as necessary]
  • click 'Create' and accept the Repository deposit licence publications (PDF)
  • click on 'Add electronic version...' again to add provisional DOI if available

Finally, add relations:

  • link grants acknowledged in the paper by selecting ‘Projects’
  • link any record of underlying data by selecting 'Datasets'

The OA team will check, enhance and validate records. Your author accepted manuscript will not be made public until the OA team has completed all checking.

Open access policy for the next REF

Achieving compliance with the REF open cccess policy is broken down into 3 steps:

  • Deposit (i.e upload to Pure) within 3 months of acceptance - achieved as described above
  • Discovery (i.e through the Pure Portal) of the metadata - achieved in the final step above, making the Pure record (title, authors etc) visible
  • Access (via the repository) following any embargo - the OA team will validate the record and set the date for the full text to become open access.

The funding councils understand that not all REF outputs in scope of the policy may be able to meet requirements, so limited exceptions will be permitted. Contact to find out if this applies to your publication.