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Research Excellence Board

The remit of the Research Excellence Board is to support Schools and to nurture and progress their research excellence on an ongoing basis.

The Board has overarching responsibility for planning, managing and driving all aspects of the University’s strategy, preparations and submissions to future research assessment exercises. The Board will report to the Principal through the Principal’s Office meetings.

For more information about REF 2021, visit the REF 2021 webpage. If you have any queries regarding the REF 2021 process at the University of St Andrews, please contact


Members of the Research Excellence Board: 

  • Professor Tom Brown (Vice-Principal Research and Innovation) Chair
  • Professor Kirstie Ball (Professor of Management)
  • Professor David Crossman (Dean of Medicine)
  • Professor Ineke De Moortel (Professor of Applied Mathematics)
  • Professor Simon Dobson (School of Computer Science)
  • Professor David Evans (Professor of Virology, Director of BSRC)
  • Professor Margaret-Anne Hutton (Department of French)
  • Professor Colin Kidd (School of History)
  • Professor Jason Konig (School of Classics)
  • Professor Nina Laurie (School of Geography and Sustainable Development)
  • Professor Anne Magurran (School of Biology)
  • Professor Lorna Milne (Master of the United College, School of Modern Languages)
  • Professor David O'Hagan (School of Chemistry)
  • Professor Frank Sullivan (School of Medicine)
  • Professor Graham Turnbull (School of Physics and Astronomy)

In attendance:

  • Louise Milne (Human Resources)


  • Laura Bates 
  • Victoria Borthwick
  • Euan Donohue
  • Dr Carlos Galan-Diaz
  • Dr Richard Malham
  • Jennifer Pritchard
  • Jackie Proven
  • Dr Helen Reddy
  • Dr Upulani Somisara