Prof Steve Lee

Prof Steve Lee


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Level 2:  PH2011 Lectures in Mechanics (18 lectures)

Level 3:  PH3012 Lecture course in Thermal and Statistical Physics (15 lectures, 50% of course, 4 tutuorial groups).

Level 4: PH4039 Solid State Physics  (27 lectures, 3-4 tutorial groups).

Administration: Examination Officer for all courses at all 5 levels of Physics and Astronomy

Research areas

Microscopic probes (SANS, 5SR) applied to superconducting and magnetic systems (see below).

Superconductivity:  magnetic-superconducting hybrid systems, vortex matter, mesoscopic systems, thin films and multilayers

Magnetism: magnetic structures of single crystals, multilayers, including magnetic-superconductor interfaces and magnetic recording media, artificial spin-ice systems, lithographically defined nanomagnetic systems.

Neutron Scattering: small angle scattering (SANS), polarised neutron reflectometry (PNR), powder and four axis magnetic crystallography.

Muon spin rotation/relaxation: particularly for vortex structures in superconductors. Low energy muon spin rotation/relaxation in superconducting and magnetic multilayers.

PhD supervision

  • Alasdair Bradford

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