Dr Janet Lovett

Dr Janet Lovett


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Research areas

Measuring nanometre distances for structural biology using EPR spectroscopy.

I use Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to measure nanometre distances in proteins and nucleic acids. This provides detail on their structure and dynamics. The methodology is applied to a range of proteins including those for protein excretion in the cell. I am also interested in developing the methods for tagging proteins and nucleic acids to make them suitable for this kind of investigation, as well as advancing the EPR experiments themselves.

The biological preparation and EPR facilities at St Andrews are outstanding with, among others, pulsed and CW X-band, high power Q-band and the home-built high power W-band (HiPER).

PhD supervision

  • Michael Taylor
  • Hannah Russell
  • Elena Mocanu

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