Dr Bernd Braunecker

Dr Bernd Braunecker


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Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics, Advanced Condensed Matter Physics, Modern Topics of Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Magnetism and Phase Transitions.

Research areas

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics.

My main research interests are in the field of low dimensional systems and nanostructures whose properties are shaped by the effect of electron interactions. Many of the topics I explore are motivated by the long-term goal of bringing quantum effects to applications such as quantum computing. My recent activities involve the study of non-Markovian dynamics arising from the correlations between localised spins and electrons, and the self-organisation of magnetic moments in electron conductors leading to helical and topological phases.

More information is on my group website.

PhD supervision

  • Tobias Boorman
  • Henry Mullineauxsanders
  • Joe Winter

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