Matriculation is the process of registering as a student with the University and is compulsory for all students.

If your matriculation is not fully complete by Friday of Week 1 of teaching, you will begin to receive warnings under the failure to matriculate policy.


Advising meetings for undergraduate students joining the University in September 2024 will take place in person Monday 9 to Wednesday 11 September 2024.

Returning undergraduate students must check the advising meetings web pages for details of the arrangements for their advising.

Undergraduate students studying Medicine do not need to take part in advising.

Taught postgraduate students should check the arrangements with their Schools.

Matriculation event

The matriculation event takes place in the Gateway building during orientation week and in January for students starting in semester 2 or returning from leave of absence.

The matriculation event for 2024-2025 will take place from Monday 9 September 2024

  • If you are a new student, or an international student returning from a leave of absence this semester (not UK or EU with settled/pre-settled status), you must attend an ID check.
  • If you are a returning UK student or EU student with pre-settled/settled status you do not need to attend an ID check, but must still complete all other elements of online matriculation.

All students should bring their passport for identification verification. Students from the UK may bring their UK birth certificate and proof of their national insurance number, if they do not have a passport. International students must also bring their visa or biometric residence permit (BRP card), or supply their digital share code.

See further information about online matriculation.


International and EU students without pre-settled/settled status

You must present the following documents at the document check:

  • passport
  • visa or biometric residence permit (if you already have this) or digital share code

If you have been granted an online immigration status please send your share code which can be obtained from the view and prove your immigration status website to prior to attending your document check so that it can be verified online.

If you are studying a programme which is less than 6 months in duration and have entered as a Standard visitor then you will be required to provide evidence of your arrival date in the UK, for example a boarding pass. If you are a visa national then you will be required to apply for your Standard visitor visa prior to arrival in the UK.

EU students (with pre-settled/settled status)

You must present your passport when attending your ID check.

UK students

You must present the documents used when completing the ID check element of online matriculation when you attend your ID check.  This can be one of the following:

  • passport
  • ID card
  • birth certificate and proof of national insurance number (for example, letter from UK Gov, pay slip)

Core student training

As part of becoming a matriculated student, you need to complete some mandatory online modules which form your core student training.

The modules reflect topics that are important to the University community and relate to the core values of our University strategy. They include training in:

  • good academic practice
  • consent and bystander intervention
  • environmental sustainability action
  • equality, diversity and inclusion
  • research integrity and ethics (postgraduate researchers only)

The modules vary in length, and each requires that you successfully complete an assessment quiz at the end to demonstrate learning and understanding. The quizzes can be completed multiple times until the requisite pass mark has been reached.

If you have any difficulties accessing or completing the modules, you can email If you have any concerns with any of the concepts associated with the consent and bystander intervention module, you can contact

You will access the core student training modules via the online matriculation process.