Coronavirus information and guidance


Matriculation is the process of registering as a student with the University and is compulsory for all students.

If your matriculation is not fully complete by Friday of Week 1 of teaching, you will begin to receive warnings under the failure to matriculate policy.


Advising meetings for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students studying at the University in Semester 1 2020-2021 will take place Monday 31 August to Wednesday 9 September 2020. Some advisers may only be available during the traditional core advising period of Monday to Wednesday in Orientation Week (7 to 9 September).

Due to the situation with Covid-19, this semester appointments will take place online, unless you are in St Andrews and you and your Adviser of Studies agree to meet in person. 

Returning students only need a compulsory meeting if they are returning from study abroad, re-engaging after leave of absence or on academic probation. Returning students not in these categories can confirm their pre-advising module choices by email to their Adviser of Studies, but are welcome to request a meeting if they would like to.
New undergraduate students will be allocated an Adviser of Studies in the second half of August.

Matriculation event

We are currently planning to hold a limited matriculation event in September 2020 in order to complete in-person document checks for some international students for visa purposes only. However, this will remain under review as the Covid-19 situation develops, and we will update the information on this page if this plan changes.

The matriculation event will take place on the following dates in the Gateway building:

  • 9am to 5pm, Monday 7 September to Thursday 10 September 2020

If you require an in-person document check, you will be informed of this requirement during online matriculation and you will be given an appointment to attend the matriculation event

Please do not attend the event if you have not been asked to do so.

If you need to complete an in-person ID or document check, but you are unable to arrive in St Andrews for orientation week to attend the matriculation event due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, you will be given an appointment to attend an in-person ID or document check when you arrive in St Andrews. This will be arranged when you complete your online ID and document check.


International students

International students must present the following documents at both online and in-person ID and document checks (where these are required):

  • passport
  • visa or biometric card (if you already have this)

UK and EU students

When completing an online ID and document check, new UK and EU students must present the document they used when they completed their ‘Personal Details’ task during online matriculation. This can be one of the following documents:

  • passport
  • ID card
  • drivers licence
  • birth certificate.