Dr Lori Leigh Davis

Dr Lori Leigh Davis

Associate Lecturer

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Associate Lecturer in the International Education Institute and the School of Management


Current Teaching

Module Creator, Associate Lecturer {Education Focus} and Tutor in the International Education Institute

   - Foundation Programme: Business, Economics and Management & Responsib​le Enterprise

   - MSc: ET5507/ET5607 Leadership and Management in International Education 

   - MSc: ET5506/ET5606 Organisational Development in International Education 


Associate Lecturer {Education Focus} School of Management

- Outreach Programme

- MN3126 International Business Tutor

Summer School Programmes 

  • Lecturer: Sutton Trust Summer School
  • Lecturer: First Chances Programme
  • Module Coordinator/Lecturer: Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship

Previous Teaching in the School of Management

Tutor (2013 - 2021)

  • MN1001 Organisations and Society
  • MN1002 Organisations and Analysis
  • MN2001 Management and Society
  • MN2002 Management and Analysis

Lecturer (2019)

  • MN5514 Managing Natural Resources

Research areas

Lori Leigh started teaching (tutoring MN2002) in the School of Management in 2013. Since then, she has taught every semester including MN1001, MN1002, MN2001 and MN2002. In addition, Dr Davis has lectured the Masters level course Managing Natural Resources (MN5514) and Contemporary Issues in Management (MN4100) in 2020.

Since 2019, Dr Davis is the Module Coordinator and Lecturer for the Foundation Business, Economics and Management Foundation Programmes.  In 2022, she is also the Module Coordinator and Lecturer for the new MSc modules including Leadership and Management in International Education and Organisational Development in International Education.

Her teaching career highlights include being nominated for the Teaching Award for Postgraduate Students Who Tutors in 2017 and winning the Teaching Excellence Award for Innovative Teaching (Students Association) in 2019 while also winning the Teaching Excellence Award for 2021-22.  Additionally, she won the Golden Dandelion Award in 2021-22.

Dr Davis received her PhD from the University of St Andrews under the supervision of Dr Philip Roscoe (School of Management) and Dr William Vlcek (School of International Relations).  The title of her thesis is: The Kimberley Process and Certification Scheme: A Classical Aristotelian Rhetorical Analysis of the International Tripartite Regime Against Conflict Diamonds.  She holds an MLitt in International Business form the University of St Andrews and a Degree in Technology Management (BTech) from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Vancouver, Canada. Lori Leigh also attained the GIA Certification in Diamond Grading and Colored Stones in 2009.

Her research is focused on international tripartite organisations, rhetoric and power theories.  In particular, she is interested in the diamond industry and industries related to conflict.

She has presented at major international conferences such as the Annual Conflict Conference and the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences.  She was the only student from a Scotland university to attend the 1st Annual International Rhetoric workshop in 2016.

In 2018, Dr Davis took over the role as the Administrator for the Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR), which she held until 2021. 

Her previous career experience includes nearly 7 years as a diamond broker (diamantaire) in a leading Canadian diamond wholesaler and manufacturer.

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