School welcomes Contemporary Issues in Banking Conference

12 December 2019

On the 10th and 11th December 2019, the School of Management welcomed the 3rd Contemporary Issues in Banking Conference which was held by the Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance.

The conference was organised by Dimitris Chronopoulos, Linh Nguyen, Anna Sobiech and John Wilson, and attended by scholars from around Europe. Presentations focussed on many of the contemporary issues affecting the financial services industry. These included:

  • social responsibilities and bank stability
  • gender diversity and misconduct
  • negative monetary policy rates
  • bank innovation
  • transmission of bank distress.

Presenters and authors came from both academic and policy institutions including the European Central Bank, World Bank and Deutsche Bundesbank.

Contemporary Issues in Banking Conference 2019 group

CIB 2019 conference participants