Creating Economy reviewed

11 February 2020

Creating economy: Enterprise, intellectual property, and the valuation of goods, by Barbara Townley, Philip Roscoe, and Nicola Searle has received favourable reviews in Journal of Cultural Economy (JCE) and The Law Teacher.

Rimi Kahn's review essay in JCE calls the book 'a timely and lucid analysis of the social and institutional processes through which the translations from text to product take place… an astute and empirically grounded study'. Kahn concludes that the book is 'vital reading for those interested in the complexities of neoliberal cultural economy', and that 'it offers a generative new approach for examining questions of cultural production ownership and value.'

Ruth Soetendorp, writing in The Law Teacher, praises the book's interest in theorising intellectual property beyond the confines of the law school, and calls it a source of 'invaluable insights' for those interested in using the book as a pedagogic resource.

Creating Economy book cover