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Funding success for PhD student

14 September 2020

First year PhD student Meredith Schertzinger is co-supervised by Dr Fergus Neville from the School of Management and Dr Gozde Ozakinci from the School of Medicine. Meredith's interdisciplinary research examines the interplay of group processes and adherence to exercise. Her initial study, "Running during lockdown: a survey of experiences", investigated the mental and physical wellbeing of runners during the COVID-19 lockdown, when running or jogging in groups was not allowed.

In summer 2020, Meredith received an award of £200 from the BPS Social Psychology Section Pump Priming Scheme to explore the relationship between self-determination theory and social identity theory in an online exercise setting.
Meredith also participated in the School of Medicine's research away day, which included a "Dragons Den" competition. She made a successful pitch and will receive £5000 to purchase heart rate monitors. This win will allow her to collect biometric behavioural data to compare collective and solitary exercise.

Our photo shows Meredith (centre) with her supervisors, before the start of lockdown.

Dr Gozde Ozakinci, Meredith Schertzinger, Fergus Neville