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Many alumni and graduates of the School of Management are currently pursuing their goals and making tangible differences in the worlds of business, academia and public service, both locally and globally.

See what a few have to say about their experiences.

Madlen Roesch
after St Andrews: Global Brands Trainee at the Adidas Group

My time in St Andrews played an important role in both my professional and personal development. Studying International Business allowed me to deepen my understanding of the complexity of global business interactions, and to explore new subjects and topics. Being able to choose not only many of my modules but also the topic of my dissertation, worked very well. I am confident that my time in St Andrews has ideally prepared me for my future endeavours ahead.

Madlen Roesch, MLitt


Andrew Fleming
after St Andrews: Graduate Trainee – Political Risk, War, and Terrorism Insurance, Lancashire Insurance Group

The International Business Programme emphasises activities that benefit the development of business goals, and focuses on potential risks from any sort of business expansion. My current job requires that I constantly assess the risks stemming from political instability in many countries, and takes ‘risk analysis’ exercises beyond the classroom. The IB programme polished the skills I needed to make every success in my chosen career path.

Andrew Fleming, MLitt

Torben Woehle
after St Andrews: Masters at the University of Oxford

My degree gave me a rich and broad understanding of the modern business world, including socio-cultural factors and trends shaping the framework in which companies operate. The program gave me an understanding of key theoretical approaches and methodological research training to further my interest in this field. By pursuing a postgraduate degree in Social Anthropology, I have strengthened the confidence I first gained St Andrews, to conduct my own research.

Torben Woehle, MLitt

Christabel Belonwu
after St Andrews: Partner Manager, Facebook

My time at St Andrews strongly shaped the type of career and role I saw for myself. I wanted a global and international space where I could challenge myself and learn new things every day. The experience helped me grow, try new things, learn about new cultures and explore things outside my comfort zone. Most importantly I learned to manage my time, prioritise, work well in teams and question things, which I believe are useful skills for any job.

Christabel Belonwu, MLitt

Yeung Cheung
after St Andrews: Masters at the University of Hong Kong

St Andrews is a small, breathtakingly beautiful seaside town, which offers students many unique experiences. The student community provides a pure and liberating experience, and an opportunity to get away from the materialism more typical of some metropolitan areas. I am pleased to have had so many inspiring and supportive teachers during my time as a Management student. Many of them went far beyond their academic responsibilities to guide, advise and inspire students.

Yeung Cheung, MA

Kajsa Johansson
after St Andrews: Graduate at Investec

The most important thing I gained from being a Management student at St Andrews is confidence. At my job interview, the topic of responsible investment came up, and having taken classes in Financial Markets and Sustainable Development I felt very confident that I had an informed opinion and argument to make. Studying Management at St Andrews has not only given me the ability to analyse situations, but also the conviction to speak up and to trust my own ability.

Kaysa Johansson, MA Management