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Distinguished Scholar and Mark Imber Lectures

Distinguished Scholar Lectures

  • May 2019, Robbie Shilliam from Johns Hopkins University, Decolonizing the Episteme: Empire, the Academy, and International Relations
  • March 2018, Amitav Acharya (American University), Is global International Relations possible?
  • April 2017, Cynthia Enloe (Clark University), Feminism in the Age of Trump
  • May 2016, Chris Brown (London School of Economics), Sovereignty versus human rights in a post-western world
  • May 2015, James Der Derian (University of Sydney), Travels in quantum realities
  • February 2014, Stephen Krasner (Stanford University), School seminar

Mark Imber Lectures

Dr Mark Imber was a Senior Lecturer in the School for many years and his main teaching and research focus was on international organisations and the environment. Dr Imber set up the lecture series to promote a wider engagement with the issues and discourses of international organisations and the environment, the School has continued to run the annual series long after his retirement, and Dr Imber continues to have a VIP invite to them all.

  • November 2019, Farah Faizal (Ambassador of the Republic of Maldives to the UK), The Maldives Role in Climate Change
  • April 2019, Siba Grovogui (Cornell University), Beyond 'The Requirement': Imperiousness Humanitarian Intervention and African sensibilities
  • April 2018, Jennifer Welsh (European University Institute), The Evolution of the Responsibility to Protect at the United Nations
  • May 2017, Alex Bellamy (University of Queensland), The Problem from Hell Returns: Mass Atrocities and the Crisis in Human Protection
  • May 2016, Nancy Fraser (The New School), Economy versus Democracy
  • April 2015, Ian Hurd (Northwestern University), International Rule of Law