Dr Kristen Harkness

Dr Kristen Harkness

Director of Impact

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Dr. Kristen A. Harkness joined the School of International Relations in 2013. She previously held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame after earning her PhD in Comparative Politics and International Relations from Princeton University.



  • Rebellion and Revolution (IR3060)
  • Force and Statecraft (IR4548)
  • International Security (IR5001)
  • The Military in Politics (IR5065)


  • Issues in IR (IR2006) - has contributed lectures on ethnic conflict
  • Research Methods in IR (IR5601) - has contributed lectures on comparative methods, quantitative methods, and research ethics
  • Curriculum Design and Assessment (ID5102) - has contributed a case study on innovative teaching practice

Research areas

Dr Harkness' research interests lie at the intersection of ethnic politics and conflict studies, with a regional focus on Africa. She is engaged in several ongoing research projects that share a substantive focus on understanding the role of ethnicity in shaping the causes and dynamics of violence and a methodological focus on creating original large-N datasets through intensive archival research.

PhD supervision

  • Muhyadin Abdillahi Saed
  • Christopher Bennett
  • Alexandra Kerr
  • Marcel Plichta

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