Graduate attributes

Modules at the University of St Andrews support the development of Graduate Attributes. These are the 20 identified characteristics which students have the opportunity to acquire during their time at the University. Underpinned by the attribute of Social Responsibility, the Graduate Attributes are divided into four categories:

  • Valuing Diversity
  • Leadership Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Mind-set
  • Global Outlook. 

The Graduate Attributes are developed by a combination of curricular, co-curricular (University activities that aren’t part of the academic curriculum), and extra-curricular activities. Engagement with academic work is the primary way in which students will develop these attributes, but other opportunities for engagement are wide-ranging: for example, membership of societies, participation in sports, work experience, and training courses in the Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development (CEED) can develop an array of complementary skills.

Students are encouraged to log their curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through the Graduate Attributes platform in MySaint to track their skill development.

More information on the Graduate Attributes, the Saints Skills Award, and other skill development opportunities can be found on MySaint and on the Graduate Attributes web page.