Research centres and institutes

Staff within the School of Divinity conduct research and lend their expertise to four research centres and institutes at the University of St Andrews in collaboration with other academic Schools and departments. 

Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics

The Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics (CSRP) is an interdisciplinary group which aims to understand religious practices through interpretive models and social epistemologies which are in constant interaction with political models of governance in society.

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Institute for Bible, Theology and Hermeneutics

The Institute for Bible, Theology and Hermeneutics mainly focuses on general hermeneutical theory and practice as a means of engaging with issues arising from the contemporary world. The Institute promotes intradisciplinary engagement between biblical studies and various fields in theology.

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Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts

The Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA) aims to advance and enrich an active conversation between Christian theology and the arts – bringing rigorous theological thinking to the arts and bringing the resources of the arts to the enterprise of theology.

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Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology

The Logos Institute aims to explore the central claims of the Christian faith through constructive dialogue with Biblical exegesis and analytic, philosophical theology. It seeks to do so, moreover, in a manner that values transparency; simplicity in expression; clear, logical argumentation; and rigorous analysis.

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