The 600th Anniversary Campaign

A celebration of how the University of St Andrews reached its £100 million fundraising target and what this has achieved.

The University’s 600th Anniversary Campaign was set within the context of an ancient philanthropic tradition. The Campaign began quietly in 2008 and was launched publicly in 2011 by HRH The Duke of Cambridge to augment the University's relatively small endowment and to raise funds for ambitious projects that will consolidate its status as a world-class centre for teaching, learning and research.

Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, the University of St Andrews has met its £100 million target, almost doubled its endowment and built a legacy from which its current and future students, staff and members of the community will benefit.

Over 15,500 alumni, students, staff and supporters helped to achieve this goal.

Students in gowns walking through the quad

Professor Sally Mapstone and other members of the St Andrews community explain how the 600th Anniversary Campaign has benefited the University, describe key plans for the future and say thank you to everyone who has contributed.