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Science and Environment

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Title Author(s)
Echinoderms: Keys and Notes for Identification of British Species (Synopses of the British Fauna) 1 Jan 2006 Andrew Campbell (written with Eve C Southward as Senior Author), 1967
A Short Course in General Relativity, (coauthor J.Foster); (ii) A Kitchen Course in Electricity & Magnetism, (coauthor C.Spencer)J. David Nightingale, BSc 1958
A taste for poison: Eleven deadly molecules and the killers that used themNeil Bradbury, BSc 1984
A Walking Life: Reclaiming Our Health and Our Freedom One Step at a TimeAntonia Malchik, JSA 1997
Abandoned PlacesRichard Happer, MA 1994
Alien Pi in the SkyOlatunde Adeyemo, BSc 1978
Atlas of oocytes, zygotes and embryos in reproductive medicineCatherine (Kay) Elder, BSc Hons 1970; MBChB 1981 (Ca
Autism: A new introduction to psychological theory and current debateSue Fletcher-Watson, BSc 2003
Biodiversity and Earth HistoryEdvard Glücksman, BSc (Hons) Environmental Biolo
British Regional Geology: South of ScotlandAndrew McMillan, BSc 1974
Consciousness in Jung and PatañjaliLeanne Whitney, MA 1988
Crash Course: Anatomy Louise Stenhouse, BSc PHYSIOLOGY 1997, BSc Medic
Displaced PersonsTimothy Moore, MLitt 2015
Dynamics of Regenerative Heat TransferA John Willmott, BSc 1959, PhD 1971
Engineering Animals: How Life WorksAlan McFadzean, PhD 1985
Entrepreneurs and SMEs in Rwanda: The Model Pupil ParadoxDavid Poole, BSc 1975
Eureka! Great Discoveries and Achievements in Science, Engineering and TechnologyPhilip Graham, Mediaeval History MA 1993
Forces of the Quantum Vacuum: An Introduction to Casimir Physics William Simpson, PhD 2014
Ground Penetrating Radar Theory and PracticeErica Carrick Utsi, BSc (1973)
Human Preimplantation Embryo SelectionCatherine (Kay) Elder, BSc Hons 1970; MBChB 1981 (Ca
Impact Cratering: Processes and ProductsGordon Osinski, BSc 1999
In Vitro Fertilization, 3rd EditionCatherine (Kay) Elder, BSc Hons 1970; MBChB 1981 (Ca
Infections, Infertility, and Assisted ReproductionCatherine (Kay) Elder, BSc Hons 1970; MBChB 1981 (Ca
INTRODUCING ASTRONOMY - A Guide to the UniverseIain Nicolson, BSc 1968
Light from the Void: Twenty Years of Discovery with NASA's Chandra X-ray ObservatoryBelinda Wilkes, BSc 1978
Mathematics for Economics and Business: An Interactive Introduction, 2nd EditionJean Soper, MA in Soc Sci 1967
Multivalued Linear OperatorsRonald Cross, MA 1957
Muon and Muonium ChemistryDavid Walker, BSc 1956, DSc 1974
On the RocksBryan Nelson, BSc 1959
Orifice Plates and Venturi TubesMichael Reader-Harris, PhD 1981
Origin of St AndrewsRichard Batchelor, MSc 1984
Periglacial GeomorphologyColin Ballantyne, DSc 2000
Philip's Guide to Seashores and shallow Seas of Britain and EuropeAndrew Campbell, BSc 1967
Portraits of Trees of Hong Kong and Southern ChinaRichard Saunders, BSc 1986
Principles of Computational Modelling in Neuroscience David Sterratt, MSci Physics 1995
Religion and Post-Conflict StatebuildingDenis Dragovic, PhD 2014
Rocket Science: From Fireworks to the Photon DriveAlan McFadzean, PhD 1985
Scotland's Mountain LandscapesColin Ballantyne, DSc 2000
Smoke & Mirrors: How Hype Obscures the Future and How to See Past ItGemma Milne, BSc 2013
Sustainable Faith: a green gospel for the age of climate changeNicola Bull, MLitt 2012
The Backyard Before YouBenjamin Ong, MSc 2017
The Bitter Pill Ellen Grant, Mb.Ch.B 1958
The Chandra X-ray Observatory: Exploring the High Energy UniverseBelinda Wilkes, BSc 1978
The Hamlyn Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the Mediterranean SeaAndrew Campbell, BSc 1967
The Pragmatist’s Guide to Sexuality: What Turns People On, Why, and What That Tells Us About Our SpeciesMalcolm Collins, BSc 2010 and Simone Collins
The Principles and Practice of Forensic Psychiatry (with Paul Bowden)Robert Bluglass CBE, MD 1967, MB ChB 1957
The Properties and Function of the Organo-Zeolitic Bio-fertilizer.Peter Leggo, B.Sc (Hons) 1959
The Smart Phone Photography GuidePeter Cope, BSc 1983
Transistor Circuit Techniques - discrete and integratedGordon Ritchie, BSc 1962, BSc 1964
Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving in the IVF LaboratoryCatherine (Kay) Elder, BSc Hons 1970; MBChB 1981 (Ca
Uveitis: Second EditionNicholas Jones, BSc 1978
Y the X ? gillian turner, Mb.ChB 1956