Travel and language school awards

The School of Classics has one of the largest programmes of travel scholarship among all UK classics departments, thanks to the generosity of a number of donors. The Laura Cook Memorial Scholarship offers at least two scholarships per year. The Terence Bruce and Margaret Mitford Travel Scholarship for Archaeology offers up to four scholarships per year. Other awards are funded by a wide range of smaller donations and by the School’s own funds.

Awards may be made for:

  • Travel (including internships) to archaeological sites, summer schools, museums, and other institutions like the British Schools in Athens and Rome.
  • To attend approved Latin or Greek summer schools (information on some language schools can be obtained from the JACT website).

Successful applicants will be asked to write a short account of their trip upon their return. Anyone interested in applying is encouraged to contact a member of staff with relevant interests for advice on planning and on completing the application form.