Career opportunities

Studying any of the subjects taught by the School will prepare you for a wide range of careers and positions. All the School’s degree programmes offer many transferable skills in addition to an in-depth knowledge of ancient literature, history and culture.

By exploring the intricacies of a complex foreign culture such as the ancient world, and through gaining expertise in its history, literature, art and languages, you will be able to demonstrate to employers the ability and willingness to work hard, and importantly to work with creativity, intellectual flexibility and an acute attention to detail.

Coursework elements such as essays, learning journals and presentations provide important skills, including the ability to:

  • manage your time efficiently
  • analyse and process complex data
  • evaluate material critically
  • see opportunities for new ideas and solutions to challenging problems.

You also learn how to present the results with confidence in a professional and accessible way. In group work and presentations you hone your team working skills and explore opportunities for initiative and leadership.

The training courses, one-to-one advising sessions and workshops offered by the University’s Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development (CEED) and the Careers Centre provide further resources to develop your employability skills from the very beginning of your studies. The University’s alumni network offers you a great opportunity to profit from the experience of others and pave the way early for life after graduation.

School of Classics graduates have entered careers in:

  • journalism
  • law
  • accountancy
  • the arts industry (including theatre, music and the visual arts)
  • banking
  • computer programming
  • teaching
  • industrial management
  • politics
  • the civil service
  • local government
  • librarianship
  • museums and archives
  • social work.

Many students also decide to stay in academia and pursue degrees at postgraduate level.

For a fuller overview of the career paths taken by recent Classics graduates from the University of St Andrews, as well as first-hand information from some alumni, visit the Careers Centre’s Classics – using your degree and graduate destinations pages.