MPhil in Chemistry

The MPhil is a two-year course designed for those students and professionals who have a degree in Chemistry or an allied subject. During the first year, you will take taught modules, while Year 2 focuses on full-time research. 

In the two-year period, you will gain both excellent theoretical training in Chemistry and develop high-level research skills by carrying out two research projects:

  • a summer research project undertaken during the summer of Year 1 which culminates in 15,000-word dissertation
  • a full-year research project in Year 2 culminating in a dissertation of no more than 60,000 words.

Assessment involves:

  • coursework
  • examinations
  • a literature review
  • two research presentations
  • two theses (one on the Year 1 project and one on the Year 2 results).

Students typically choose to take this course to strengthen both their core understanding of chemistry and their practical research experience. In most cases, it is intended that students will go on to study for a PhD degree after completing the MPhil course.

If you are interested in a carrying out an MPhil degree, then please contact the School by emailing Find out more about applying to a research programme