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General enquiries General Office Room 211 Tel: 01334 463800
Head of School Prof Russell Morris Room 211c Tel:01334 463803
Director of Teaching Prof Phil Lightfoot Room 327 Tel:01334 463841
Undergraduate Admissions Dr Finlay Morrison
Dr Gordon Florence

Room 331
Room B102

Tel:01334 463855
Tel:01334 463834
Postgraduate Admissions Prof Nicholas Westwood Room 159 Tel:01334 463816
Health and Safety Dr Alan Aitken Room 441 Tel:01334 463865
Finance Mrs Carolyn McAllister Room 214a Tel:01334 463954
Purchasing Mrs Linda Brannan Room 214a Tel:01334 463860
Disabilities Officer Miss Iona Hutchison Room 214b Tel:01334 463803
Computing Officer Mr Fraser Kirk Room 207 Tel:01334 463830


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School of Chemistry

North Haugh
St Andrews
KY16 9ST
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: 01334 463800
Fax:01334 463808