Dr Tomas Lebl

Dr Tomas Lebl

Senior Scientific Officer

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Dr Tomas Lebl is the liquid-state NMR facility manager at the University of St Andrews since 2004. Besides managing the walk-up automated NMR service provided by 6 fully automated NMR spectrometers (nmr.st-andrews.ac.uk), he collaborates as NMR expert on various research projects across the chemical and biological sciences. He is a co-author of 64 publications (H-index 18, WOS). His main areas of expertise cover various aspects of liquid state NMR, namely conformational analysis of small molecules, RDC analysis, reaction monitoring, diffusion ordered spectroscopy etc. In addition, his interest in data management of high throughput NMR laboratories is driving force behind NOMAD project (nomad.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk).      


Dr Tomas Lebl is involved in teaching spectroscopy workshops that are currently part of organic chemistry modules CH1601 - Organic and Biological Chemistry 1, CH2601 - Organic Chemistry 2 and CH3431 - Chemistry Workshop. He also runs "Advanced NMR spectroscopy problems" for postgraduate students. 

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