Dr Petr Kilian

Dr Petr Kilian

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Petr Kilian contributes to teaching at both sub-honours and honours classes: CH1401 Introductory Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (12 lectures on Shapes and Properties of Molecules and Chemistry of the Elements), CH2501 Inorganic Chemistry 2 (13 lectures on Descriptive Main Group Chemistry), CH3521 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (Laboratory Demonstrator), CH4421 Chemistry Research Skills Laboratory (Laboratory Demonstrator and Module convenor), CH4515 Advanced Main Group Chemistry (9 Lectures and 1 workshop, Module convenor), Contributions include also tutorials for CH1401, CH2501, CH3512 (Organometallic Chemistry), CH3514 (Physical Inorganic Chemistry) and CH4461/5461 (Integrating Chemistry). Currently Petr acts as Head of Inorganic Section, overseeing the inorganic teaching.

Research areas

Kilian is a Main Group synthetic chemist with a major interest in pnictogen (Group 15) chemistry; particularly in the context of the interplay between unusual structure, bonding, reactivity, and properties. A significant aspect of that has been the development of a research programme on peri-substitution.
The peri-backbone is best described as a “clamping scaffold” - the rigid aromatic organic backbone forces the two peri-atoms into sub-van der Waals distances with overlap of the occupied orbitals. This results in a significantly modified potential energy surface and hence special reactivity and bonding. From the initial status of a curiosity, the chemistry of clamping scaffolds has developed into a major research theme. Peri-substituted species are increasingly finding use in biology, advanced materials, and FLP chemistry.

For more information see the PK Group Website: http://kiliangroup.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/

PhD supervision

  • Daniel Picthall
  • Alice Martin

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