Prof Manfred Buck

Prof Manfred Buck


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MB contributes to teaching at both sub-Honours and Honours level. CH3721 Physical Chemistry Lab (module convenor), CH4715 (Lectures on Functional Materials), CH4716 (Lectures on electrochemistry, module convenor), CH4458 (Distance Learning, Electrochemistry), CH5717 (Lectures on Nanomaterials). Academic monitor for external placements (CH4441). Tutor for CH2701. Advisor of Studies for Chemistry at Honours level.

Research areas

In search for strategies which provide routine access to the bottom end of the nanoscale our research focuses on fundamental studies of processes at the solid-liquid interface as well as the generation of nanostructures using both lithographic top-down and self-assembly bottom-up procedures.
Employing organic molecules as most versatile and atomically precise building blocks, a main theme is the understanding of design principles of single and multi-component systems on solid substrates ranging from monolayers of densely packed molecules to hybrid structures involving two-dimensional supramolecular networks. Through an understanding of the complex interplay between structural features, intermolecular and molecule-substrate interactions we pursue new directions in molecular assembly and functionalisation of two-dimensional molecular assemblies, including studies of chemical reactivity at the single molecule level.
Another focus of our research, which capitalizes on the tailoring of interfacial properties by molecular assemblies, is their application as templates for the replicative generation of nanoscaled objects. Chemical functionalization and control of interfacial charge transfer by molecular systems are harnessed for the electrodeposition of metals and metal oxides as clusters or extended ultrathin nanostructured patterns of interest for catalysis, electronics, and optics. Indispensible tools for our work are scanning probe microscopies and electron spectroscopies.

PhD supervision

  • Kirsty Munro
  • Lakshmi Priya M

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