Dr Jason McNulty

Dr Jason McNulty

Lecturer in inorganic Chemistry

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Dr Jason McNulty studied for his MChem in Chemistry at the University of St Andrews. He then remained in St Andrews to conduct his PhD studies with Dr Finlay Morrison from 2015-2018 with his research focusing on structure-property relationships in tungsten bronze oxide materials. In October 2018, Jason began work as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Professor Philip Lightfoot's group at St Andrews, investigating the synthesis and characterisation of layered tin- and lead-halide materials. Jason joined the faculty of the School of Chemistry in January 2021 as an Associate Lecturer (Education Focused) in Inorganic Chemistry at St Andrews. He was appointed as Lecturer in September 2022.


Jason contributes to teaching at both sub-honours and honours levels through lectures, tutorials and labs.  Jason provides lectures for CH2501 Inorganic Chemistry 2 (12 lectures 'Transition Metal Chemistry and Molecular Orbital Theory'), CH3514 Physical Inorganic Chemistry (8 lectures 'Physical Chemistry and Bonding of Transition Metals'), CH3431 Chemistry Workshop ('Crystallography') and CH4514 Advanced Metal Chemistry (11 lectures 'Chemistry of 4d, 5d and f-Block Elements'). Jason also contributes to tutorials for CH1401, CH1402, CH2501 and CH4461/5461 Integrating Chemistry and demonstrates in CH2501 and CH3521 Inorganic Lab courses. He is also involved with the 4th year research skills labs and scientific writing modules, the inorganic chemistry component of the 4th year distance learning module and the 4th/5th year honours research projects.

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