MSc (Res) in Biology: Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution

The MSc(Res) in Biology degree in the behaviour, ecology and evolution is a 12-month research-only degree in which you will undertake a supervised research project in the area of behaviour, ecology and evolution.

You will be based in the interdisciplinary Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD), based in the centre of St Andrews. The CBD links researchers in evolution, behaviour, ecology, molecular biology and biodiversity, plus researchers in other Schools across St Andrews. Research themes include:

  • the mechanistic causes and the ecological and evolutionary consequences of animal behaviour, with strengths in behavioural ecology, animal cognition, social evolution and social learning
  • evolutionary and population genetics, including the genetic basis of population divergence and speciation
  • animal-plant interactions, including pollinator biology
  • conservation biology, focusing in particular on the measurement of broad-scale patterns of biodiversity and biodiversity change.

The MSc (Res) is examined by a 30,000-word research thesis. 

Skills training

In addition to the project-specific training that you will receive during your degree, MSc (Res) students will also have access to a wide range of training in transferable skills through the University's GRADskills programme.

Specific postgraduate programmes run within the School of Biology may also offer additional training, for instance in statistical, bioinformatics or molecular techniques.

Research projects