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John Burnet Hall

30 Links Crescent, St. Andrews, Fife, KY16 9JF

Capacity: 145

Category: Small catered hall

Hall description

The smallest of the University undergraduate residences, John Burnet Hall is comprised of a main building (75 rooms accommodating 109 residents) and an annexe (36 en-suite singles). The building is adjacent to the Old Course, and a short walk from the Gateway, Maths, Physics, and Sciences buildings. We are also very close to town - a few minutes' walk from the central streets, and ten minutes away from the Sports Centre. John Burnet is a traditional, catered residence, with residents receiving 19 meals per week during term time (all meals, except dinner on Saturday and Sunday). JBH is a small, close-knit community bound by a number of hall events, such as formal meals, wine and cheese receptions, quizzes, and John Burnet’s birthday celebration; the student committee is very active and organises weekly events such as film nights, sporting events, hall balls, barbeques, beach games and garden parties.

Hall history

Originally the Atholl Hotel, John Burnet became a residence in 1965. The two adjoining properties were later purchased and attached to the main building (these now serve as the girls’ wings). The annexe was built in 1994, during a hall refurbishment. John Burnet Hall is named after the classicist John Burnet, who was a Professor of Greek at the University from 1892-1926.

Hall colours

Blue and Green

Hall Wardennial Team

Warden: Mary Carr

Assistant Wardens: 3

Residential services

Residential Services Manager: Debbie Anderson

Hall Information

Emergency Contact (Duty Hours):
University extension: 7027
External: 01334 46 7027

Drop-in Times:
Monday – Sunday:
7.00pm - 7.30pm

Wardennial Duty Hours:



Wardennial Team:

Hall Reception

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday:
8.00am – 3.00pm

Phone number:
01334 46 7021


8.00am- 10.00pm