We use theoretical techniques to understand the quantum properties of nano materials, focussing on quantum information processing and energy harvesting.

Please have a browse of this website and if you would like more information on any aspects of our work, please email Brendon Lovett.

“Coherences”/ Qubit Brain Super Absorption “East https://arxiv.org/abs/1907.02932


7 Oct

Well done Conor, who passed his viva today. Congratulations!

8 Sep

Aidan's thesis now published as a book by Springer. Congratulations to Aidan!

31 Aug

Welcome to new PhD student Piper Fowler-Wright, who will be working with Brendon and Jonathan Keeling on modelling chemical kinetics.

21 Aug

Conor Stevenson has submitted his PhD thesis. Congratulations Conor!

14 Aug

Maria's paper Non-equilibrium quantum thermodynamics with time-evolving matrix product operators is now on the arXiv. Well done to Maria.

1 Apr

Welcome to new post-doc Kristín Arnadóttir, who is working on Understanding and engineering dissipation in nanoscale quantum devices with Brendon's group and and Jonathan Keeling's group.

10 Mar

Dom Rouse's paper Avoiding gauge ambiguities in cavity QED is now on the arXiv. Well done to Dom.

5 Mar

Dominic Gribben's first paper as part of the group is now out in Physical Review Research. Congratulations to Dom.

22 Feb

Aidan Strathearn, former PhD student in the group, has won the Springer Thesis Prize for his PhD thesis "Modelling Non-Markovian Quantum Systems Using Tensor Networks". Congratulations, Aidan, looking forward to seeing this published as a book!

9 Sep

Welcome to new PhD student Thibaut Lacroix, who is doing research on quantum biology, jointly supervised by Brendon and Alex Chin at the Sorbonne.

5 Jul

Dominic Gribben submits his first PhD paper on strong environmental coupling to a pair of quantum systems.

24 June

Congratulations to Aidan who successfully defended his PhD thesis today!

22 May

Dominic Rouse's first paper on is accepted for publication in New Journal of Physics. Joint with with Brendon and Erik Gauger at Heriot Watt.

18 May

Aidan submits his thesis - first hurdle passed! Now for the viva in late June. (In fact Aidan has started a post doc in Australia so he submitted remotely!)

5 Apr

dstl (the Defence Science and Technology Lab) fund a PhD studentship for work with Brendon Lovett and Alex Chin (Sorbonne) to work on open quantum theory applied to biology

1 Feb

Dominic Rouse submits his first paper on quantum enhanced solar energy harvesting when coupling to vibrations is strong.

6 Dec

Winter graduation day in St Andrews. Congratulations to Dr Helen Cammack!

6 Sep

Congratulations to soon-to-be-Dr Helen M Cammack who passed her viva today with minor corrections!

20 Aug

Paper published in Nature Communications Aidan Strathearn, Peter Kirton, Dainius Kilda, Jonathan Keeling and Brendon Lovett, show how non-Markovian open quantum systems can be efficiently simulated with tensor networks.

24 Jul

Well done to PhD student Helen Cammack who submitted her thesis today.

27 Jun

Graduation day in St Andrews - congratulations to project students Angus Dunnett and Thomas Ackernley who both graduated with first class honours.

27 Jun

Congratulations to visiting scholar Christian Johansen who passed his degree at DTU (Copenhagen) with the highest marks, after completing his dissertation project in the group.

2 Feb

Helen’s paper on coherence protection in coupled systems appears in Physical Review A.

25 Jan

Dominic Gribben has a paper published from his Master’s work at Nottingham, in Physical Review A.

28 Nov

Preprint appears. Aidan Strathearn, Peter Kirton, Dainius Kilda, Jonathan Keeling and Brendon Lovett, showing how non-Markovian open quantum systems can be efficiently simulated.

14 Sep

Paper with Aidan Strathearn and Peter Kirton published by New Journal of Physics

4 Sep

Welcome to new visiting scholar Christian Johansen, who is visiting from DTU, Copenhagen.

1 Sep

Welcome to new PhD students Dominic Gribben and Dominic Rouse

12 Jun

Paper with Nick Lambert and colleagues in Cambridge out in Phys Rev B as Editor's suggestion

22 May

Helen Cammack publishes article in The Scotsman Available here

19 Apr

Aidan Strathearn submits his first paper, on efficient real time path integral methods for open systems - available here.

4 Apr

Helen Cammack wins the BBC Focus Prize for her video "The Scientific Method". Click here and scroll down for the announcement and video.

29 Nov

Paper with Giuseppe Pica on why germanium is a good material for quantum computing out in Phys. Rev. B

11 Nov

Paper with Erik Gauger, Amir Fruchtman, Rafa Gomez-Bombarelli out in Phys. Rev. Lett.

10 Nov

Congratulations to Elliott for passing his viva and becoming Dr Levi!

1 Nov

Paper on how to do quantum computing in Germanium accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. B

30 Sept

Helen, Aidan and Brendon together with Keeling group put on Quantum digits and dances exhibit for Exploration ’16

28 Sept

Paper Photocell Optimisation Using Dark State Protection by Brendon, in collaboration with Oxford, Harvard and Heriot Watt Universities accepted in Physical Review Letters

2 Sept

Paper `Quantum capacitance and charge sensing of a superconducting double dot' by Brendon, in collaboration with Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, accepted in Applied Physics Letters

1 Sept

Paper by Elliott, Peter and Brendon on designing geometries for spin channels published in Phys. Rev. A

1 Sept

Aidan, Brendon and Peter presenting work at DOQS 2016

29 July

Paper by Elliott, Peter and Brendon on designing geometries for spin channels accepted in Phys. Rev. A

27 July

Quantum digits and dances exhibit of this and Keeling group accepted for Exploration ’16

27 July

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