Our Research

We design and, with experimental partners, try to realise architectures for quantum computing, quantum metrology and quantum memory. We work on a variety of materials systems including semiconductor quantum dots, molecules (in particular fullerenes) and defects in crystals. We are particularly interested in optical control of electronic states in these materials.

Energy harvesting in photovoltaic cells relies on the creation and transport of electronic excitations in molecules or semiconductors. We use quantum theory to understand how this process can be understood and optimized for efficient conversion of sunlight into electrical energy.

Nearly all our work relies on understanding quantum systems that interact with an environment, whose properties can only be described incompletely. We therefore use and develop the theory of open quantum systems, and exploit it for practical problems.


We collaborate widely. Our colleagues include Jonathan Keeling, Erik Gauger, John Morton, Ahsan Nazir, Tom Stace and Paul Eastham.