The Group

The group is led by Brendon W. Lovett

PhD Students

Piper Fowler-Wright

Piper is a fourth year PhD student, jointly supervised by Brendon and Jonathan Keeling. He is interested in tensor network methods for the purpose of modelling of open quantum systems, in particular how cavity confinement can affect chemical kinetics.

Muhammad Zia

Zia is a third year PhD student. He completed his Masters at LUMS, Lahore. Before joining St Andrews, he worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant for two years. He has worked on understanding the dynamics of open quantum systems in the past, and will be pursuing the same during my PhD.

Roosmarijn de Wit

Roos is a second year PhD student supervised by Brendon Lovett and Alex Chin (Sorbonne Université in Paris). Her project is about space-time correlations in open quantum systems. In particular, she is focussed on simulating experimental techniques such as transient absorption microscopy, in which the evolution of excitations in quantum system can be tracked in space and time, using tensor network methods. She is additionally interested in how such methods could be used to improve our understanding of biological processes such as photosynthesis and allostery.

Past Members

Thibaut Lacroix (PhD 2019-2023)

Alexandre Coates (PhD 2018-2023)

Maria Popovic (PhD 2018-2022)

Gerald Fux (PhD 2018-2022)

Dominic Gribben (PhD 2017-2021)

Dominic Rouse (PhD 2017-2021)

Conor Stevenson (PhD 2016-2020)

Aidan Strathearn (PhD 2015-2019)

Connor Grose (PhD 2015-2021)

Helen Cammack (PhD 2013-2018)

Christian Johansen (Visiting Scholar 2017-2018)

Peter Kirton (EPSRC Fellow 2015-2018)

Elliott Levi (PhD 2012-2016)

Giuseppe Pica (PhD 2011-2015, Post-doc 2015-16)

Elinor Irish (Post doc 2011-2014)

Rafa Gomez Bombarelli (Post doc 2012-2014)

Vishal Purohit (PhD 2011-2015)

Kieran Higgins (PhD 2010-2014)

Tom Close (PhD 2008-2012)

Yuting Ping (PhD 2009-2012)

Marcus Schaffry (PhD 2007-2011)

Erik Gauger (PhD 2006-2010)

Avinash Kolli (PhD 2006-2009)

Ahsan Nazir (PhD 2001-2004)