The Group

The group is led by Brendon W. Lovett

PhD Students

Connor Grose

Connor is a fourth year PhD student looking at silicon architectures for quantum computing, with a focus on surface codes. His current project is building on an earlier proposal for a hybrid donor-dot setup utilising anti-crossing at forbidden transitions to swap quantum states. Connor completed his master's at the University of Glasgow and has been training as an archer since arriving at St Andrews.

Conor Stevenson

Conor is a fourth year PhD student, and attained his masters here at the University of St Andrews. His project looks into open quantum systems, including interactions between light and matter. The project aims to look into systems in which the matter interactions and environmental interactions are on equal footing in determining the physics – e.g. spin chains strongly coupled to thermal baths. During his masters, he investigated thermal transport in strongly correlated electronic systems, and analysed the thermal diode effect in the Luttinger liquid. His hobbies include playing piano and hiking.

Dominic Rouse

Dominic is a third year PhD student, jointly supervised by Brendon and Erik Gauger at Heriot Watt. He is interested in energy transfer in networks.

Dominic Gribben

Dominic is a third year PhD student, interested in quantum decoherence in coupled systems, especially non-Markovian effects.

Gerald Fux

Gerald is a second year CM-CDT PhD student, jointly supervised by Brendon and Jonathan Keeling. His project is to extend a technique that was recently developed in the group to effectively simulate non-Markovian open quantum systems. He will use this new method to explore unknown properties of the Spin-Boson model, in particular, the quantum phase transition it contains.

Thibaut Lacroix

Thibaut is a first year PhD student jointly supervised by Brendon and Alex Chin (Sorbonne Université, Paris). His project revolves around looking at the consequences of the strong coupling of quantum systems to their environment and especially on its impact on energy transport. This problematic emerges from biological systems (e.g. photosynthesis in plants) where strong coupling seems to be central for explaining observed phenomenons.

Past Members

Aidan Strathearn (PhD 2015-2019)

Helen Cammack (PhD 2013-2018)

Christian Johansen (Visiting Scholar 2017-2018)

Peter Kirton (EPSRC Fellow 2015-2018)

Elliott Levi (PhD 2012-2016)

Giuseppe Pica (PhD 2011-2015, Post-doc 2015-16)

Elinor Irish (Post doc 2011-2014)

Rafa Gomez Bombarelli (Post doc 2012-2014)

Vishal Purohit (PhD 2011-2015)

Kieran Higgins (PhD 2010-2014)

Tom Close (PhD 2008-2012)

Yuting Ping (PhD 2009-2012)

Marcus Schaffry (PhD 2007-2011)

Erik Gauger (PhD 2006-2010)

Avinash Kolli (PhD 2006-2009)

Ahsan Nazir (PhD 2001-2004)