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SuperWASP camera array used by UK and International researchers to identify numerous planets orbiting stars beyond our solar system.
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The investigation of charge processes in planetary atmospheres may lead to new insights into phenomena such as Lightning and even the origins of life.
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The student experience in St Andrews is highly regarded and the School places a strong emphasis on engagement between teaching and research activity.
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St Andrews is a major center for Condensed Matter research and hosts a Doctoral Training Centre for postgraduate students across Scotland.
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The School's Theoretical Physicists have made major contributions of the science of optical "cloaking" and novel analogues of black hole event horizons.
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Optical phenomena in nano-scale devices are studied by the School's researchers. Such devices are designed and buit using on-site cleanroom facilities.
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From laboratory to commercial development. Ideas developed at St Andrews are helping to drive new products and techniques in healthcare and industry.
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REF Success
We are delighted to announce that the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews have been rated as one of the top centres for Physics & Astronomy Research in the UK.
Dr Kohnle's simulations win award
Dr Antje Kohnle wins MPTL award for a set of simulations to aid learning Quantum Mechanics
The Laidlaw Undergraduate Internship Programme in Research and Leadership
The University has an exciting new programme, "The Laidlaw Undergraduate Internship Programme in Research and Leadership".

One of the world's smallest optical switches

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