University Clinical Aptitude Test

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) has been re-launched under the new name of the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). Further information can be found on the UCAT website.

All candidates applying to Medicine at St Andrews, including international students, are required to sit the University Clinical Aptitude Test.

This should be sat in the year before the year of entry to the Medical programme. The deadline for sitting the test is usually the first week in October, but the exact date can be found on the UCAT website.

Applicants re-applying for Medicine must re-take the test each time they re-apply.

Use of UCAT at St Andrews

The UCAT test can vary each year. For 2019 entry, the School won't know the likely UCAT scores for those to be called for interview until they have assessed all applications. For 2018 entry, the lowest score for applicants called to interview at St Andrews was 2400.

Use of UCAT in selection for interview

The School of Medicine has a limited number of interview places (around 400). To be considered for interview, applicants must have a strong academic record, a positive reference, and relevant, medically related work experience. Find out more about the interview selection process.

Applicants meeting these requirements will be ranked on the basis of their UCAT global score. Those ranked in the top 400 or so will be given an interview. Decisions to make offers will be based on the interview score. Where applicants have the same interview score, the global UCAT score will be used to differentiate between them.

Use of Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

The SJT will be used as an element in the interview process, with the score being incorporated into the interview score.


Applicants applying to St Andrews who have sat the UCATSEN will need to supply evidence of the need for extra time in the form of a medical diagnosis or report from an appropriately qualified teacher or specialist. The evidence should include a statement on how much extra time the candidate has been allowed in examinations. The School of Medicine will consider whether to accept the evidence put forward as to why the candidate sat the UCATSEN. If you need further advice, please email

Candidates who have been allowed more than 25% extra time in examinations should be aware that they should discuss their support needs with the disability team at the University of St Andrews before application to ascertain what support arrangements the University could put in place for them, should they enter as a student.

More information and details of who to contact for advice can be found on the disabilities advice and support webpage and in the disability section of the School of Medicine’s handbook.