Students with disabilities

The University of St Andrews is committed to helping people realise their academic potential.

If you have a disability, long-term physical or mental health condition, or learning disability, it should not stand in the way of your being offered a chance to study here in St Andrews. It is our policy to assess applications from all students on strictly academic grounds.

The University has students with a wide range of disabilities and learning difficulties. We welcome the opportunity to work with these students to review their individual requirements and discuss possible reasonable adjustments.

Within the University's Student Services team, there are disability and specific learning difficulties advisers. They can be contacted at any stage of the application process for information, advice or support by emailing

Applicants are encouraged to make their needs known on their application form and at interview so that the University can best respond in terms of appropriate support and advice. During the application process, the disability advisers can:

  • arrange for you to visit the University so you can see what is on offer
  • discuss with you the available support or adjustments to enable you to access your course of study.

St Andrews also provides support for students with disabilities who are living in University accommodation. You should provide full information about your disability on your accommodation application form. There are a number of adapted rooms, and we encourage you to visit the accommodation to see facilities and talk to accommodation services before you accept a place in residence.

You are strongly recommended to attend one of our visiting days where you can take a look around the University and arrange to meet with a member of the disability team.