Taking care of your health and wellbeing during your studies is important. The University of St Andrews highly recommends that you register with a doctor in St Andrews at the start of your studies.

Students with pre-existing health conditions must contact the primary care practice of their choice before arriving in St Andrews.

If you are unwell, you should book an appointment with a doctor. Students living in hall should also contact their warden or the wardennial team. Residence staff are not medically qualified, but all wardennial staff and some other residence staff are trained in basic first aid (including mental health first aid) and will liaise with emergency health services as appropriate. University staff are not responsible for the ongoing medical care of any student.

Dental care

Students are encouraged to register with a local dental practice while living in St Andrews for dental treatment and in the case of a dental emergency.

There is currently one dental practice in St Andrews offering NHS dental care to students: Bupa Dental Care. There are also a number of private dentists in St Andrews.

If you have a dental emergency but are not registered with a dental practice, the Dental Hospital, 2 Park Place, Dundee (01382 63 5971) will provide emergency treatment from 8.45am to 3pm on weekdays, but you must arrive before 2pm to be guaranteed to be seen. If you are in significant pain and it is out of working hours, then call NHS 24 or dial 111 for further advice and information.