Commuter students

If you plan to commute into the University or live out of town, there is support in place to help you to find your feet, make friends, and reach your full academic potential.

The Townsend Society

Commuter students have a dedicated student society, the Townsend Society, which is open to all students who are not linked to a hall of residence or who commute from out of town.

Each year, if you declare yourself to be a commuter student, you will be invited to join this society, which meets early in Orientation at the beginning of the year and hosts social and sporting occasions throughout the year for students and their families.

The Townsend Society also has its own Facebook group to help commuter students to stay in touch with one another.

The Townsend Society is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet other commuter students, make friends, and enjoy a full and vivid social life during your time in St Andrews. To contact the Townsend Society, please email

The common room

As a commuter student, you will be welcome to relax and socialise in a common room specially reserved for students commuting from out of town.

The common room is located at 79 North Street and is provided by the Advice and Support Centre. It features a lounge area, amenities and a kitchen.

For more information, please email the Advice and Support Centre at

Submission flexibility

Contact your Director of Teaching as soon as you start, to let them know that you are a commuter and ask for clarification on the submission process. Whilst most schools do not require a hard copy of coursework some still do.

Lifelong and Flexible Learners Forum

The Lifelong and Flexible Learners Forum (affectionately known as the ‘Lifers’) is a subcommittee of the Students’ Association responsible for representing and supporting a community made up of Commuters, Parents, Postgraduates, Evening Degree and Part-time students. Lifers is committed to ensuring every student at the University of St Andrews has the opportunity to have a positive student experience whatever their age or geographical circumstances.

The Lifers committee works closely with the Students Association sharing a Lifers perspective and also works collaboratively with the wider student body. Members offer peer support and encourage engagement with the university raising awareness of the support and resources on offer. The committee also organises an event each month and actively encourages participation in the many wonderful traditions and social events that St Andrews has to offer.

As a subcommittee of the Student Association every matriculated student is automatically a member.

For more information email: