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General Council and Graduation Fee or Completion Fee

This non-refundable fee contributes to the cost of the production of the HEAR transcripts, degree certificates, credit transfers and the different confirmation letters we produce on behalf of our students during their time in St Andrews. It also helps with the costs of securing the ongoing provision of these to our alumni.

The   (a body made up of every graduate) is organised by representatives elected from the graduate body each year.  It receives funding from the University and produces the Chronicle, the alumnus magazine.  Two members of the General Council are elected to serve on the University Court.  To find out more about the General Council, and how they support our alumni, visit the General Council webpages.

The University wishes to ensure that the General Council is funded, but wants to make sure that the collection of this fee is not the last thing the University asks of its students. From September 2011 onwards, all students are being asked to pay the 'General Council and Graduation Fee or Completion Fee' of £50 at matriculation, as opposed to at the end of their degree.

The General Council and Graduation Fee or Completion Fee

What is it?
  • This is a one-off fee that contributes to the cost of many of the official letters and academic documents you will receive during the course of your studies at St Andrews – from setting up a bank account to your HEAR certificate and much more.  It also helps with the costs of securing the on-going provision of the University of St Andrews Alumni
Do I have to pay it?
  • Yes, this fee applies to all students.
How much is it?
  • £50
When do I have to pay the fee?
  • The fee is collected at the start of your studies during matriculation.
How can I pay it?
  • You will be able to pay by credit or debit card during online matriculation, alternatively you may pay separately via our online payment service or in person by card at The ASC.
Is the fee refundable if I don't complete my studies?
  • No, the fee is non-refundable.


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