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PROOF - Draft Programme Requirement

Physics and Astronomy (Gateway programme MPhys)

Important entry information

Entry to first year is the standard entry route, and the route which can provide the broadest education, and which can give most flexibility in final choice of degree. Students who are aiming for a degree in Physics or Astrophysics and who enter with good Advanced Highers or A-levels or equivalent in Physics and Mathematics may apply for an accelerated entry route to the programme, which can reduce the length of the BSc Honours programme to three years and the MPhys programme to four years. The special Physics and Astronomy (Gateway) first year allows subsequent progression to the second year of all the single-honours degree programmes in the School, and the joint degrees with the School of Mathematics.

Programme Requirements

Gateway to Physics and Astronomy MPhys: Year One
Code Module name Credits
PH1011 Physics 1A 20 AND
PH1012 Physics 1B 20 AND
PH1501 Mathematics for Physicists 1A 20 AND
PH1502 Physics Skills 1A 20 AND
PH1503 Physics Skills 1B 20 AND
MT1002 Mathematics 20 AND
Between 0 and 20 credits from Level 1000 options

Further requirements

Choose 120 credits in the academic year

Students may bypass PH1501 if they have sufficient mathematical qualifications.

In subsequent years, students follow the programme requirements for the relevant degree programme onto which they progress at the start of second year.

Entry to Honours MPhys or MSci

Students who attain an average grade of 15 or above at the first sitting in each of the requisite 2000-level combinations, and who meet all the other programme requirements will be permitted automatic entry into MPhys or MSci Honours programmes. It is not permitted to trail any modules or credits in to the start of the honours programme in Integrated Masters degrees.

MPhys Honours

The general requirements are 600 credits over a period of normally five years (and not more than six years) or part-time equivalent, of which the final three years form an approved Honours programme of at least 360 credits, of which 120 credits are at 5000 level and at least 210 credits are at 3000 and/or 4000 levels.


All the BSc, MSci, and MPhys single and joint Honours degrees in which Physics or Astrophysics is in the title are accredited by the UK Institute of Physics.

Study abroad

In the case of students who spend part of the Honours programme on a recognised Study Abroad scheme, the Programme Requirements will be amended to take into account overseas courses which are approved by the relevant St Andrews School in the Learning Agreement (see ).