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The School of Psychology & Neuroscience at St Andrews is a world
class department with a long and distinguished history.

School of Psychology & Neuroscience building signage.

Laidlaw Internships

Laidlaw Internships available to UGs in their penultimate year.

Children at the Great British Bioscience Festival

Great British Bioscience Festival - Animal Culture

Great British Bioscience Festival - Animal Culture

Aerial view of St Andrews by Dr Stephen Evans

Monkey Puzzle

Simple task suggests primate understanding of objects, say scientists

Just obeying orders?

Rethinking obedience and atrocity.

Social identity in crowds

Are the police getting it right?

Psychology building

Prospective students

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses including part-time evening degree


Current students

Information for current undergraduate and postgraduates



Who-does-what among all members of the school, academic and supporting



Active research groups in the school