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Located on the beautiful east coast of Scotland, and housed in a historic 600 year old University, the Department of Film Studies attracts students and scholars from around the world.
Prospective Students:
Film Studies offers a rich, exciting and diverse programme for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
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Students choose from a range of module options and become a part of the department's vibrant film culture.
Centre for Film Studies:
The Centre attracts international scholars, filmmakers and students to a diverse range of scholarly and cultural events.

Latest news

Michael Cowan’s Latest Book Among Huffington Post’s Best Film Books of 2016

Huffington Post critic Thomas Gladysz has named The Promise of Cinema one of the “Best Film Books of 2016.” In Gladysz’s words:  “It is a stunning anthology, and a stunning achievement, and as such qualifies it as the film book of the year.”  ...

Robert Burgoyne’s Lecture – Forms of Time and Chronotope in the Wall Street Film

Robert Burgoyne gave a lecture entitled “Forms of Time and Chronotope in the Wall Street Film” at Cinepoetics, Center for Advanced Film Studies in Berlin. The talk, which took place on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, focused on the mediality of the Wall Street film, connecting and contrasting the utopian sense […]...

Tom Rice in The Guardian

Tom Rice has written an opinion piece for The Guardian, entitled “Linking Trump to the Ku Klux Klan risks boosting a rump organisation.” Based on his research on the KKK, Tom was approached to write on the possible rise of a new Klan in American politics....

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Teaching Blog

Dossier for Film Matters: ‘Race, Gender and Genre in 21st Century Cinema’

Call for Papers: ‘Race, Gender and Genre in 21st Century Cinema’ Dossier for Film Matters ...

Single Honours Film Studies

Single Honours Film Studies was an embarrassingly good experience. I couldn’t believe my luck ...

PK Nair’s Internationalism: A Reflection by Shruti Narayanswamy

In honour of the 6-month anniversary of the passing of Mr PK Nair, the hugely influential film archi...

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