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Bachelor of Arts (International Honours) Economics

BA International Honours (Economics): First Year
Code Module name Credits
EC1001 Macroeconomics 20 AND
EC1002 Microeconomics 20 AND
Remaining credits from Level 1000 options

Further requirements

Choose 120 credits in the academic year

Students may optionally choose EC1003 Mathematics for Economists. This module is a substitute for the William & Mary module ECON 331 - Introduction to Mathematical Economics, usually taken in year 2

BA International Honours (Economics): Second Year
Code Module name Credits
EC2001 Intermediate Microeconomics 20 AND
EC2002 Intermediate Macroeconomics 20 AND
EC2203 Statistics for Economists 20 AND
EC1003 Mathematics for Economists 20 AND
Remaining credits from Levels 1000 and 2000 options

Further requirements

Must choose 120 credits for the year

Entry to Honours

Students who pass and attain an average of grade 11.0 or above at the first sitting in the requisite 2000-level modules and who meet all other programme requirements will be given automatic offers of entry into Honours programmes. Students permitted automatic entry to Honours will only be permitted to trail one module to a maximum of 30 sub-honours credits into Honours.

Some Schools permit qualified entry to Honours (see )

BA International Honours (Economics): Third Year
Code Module name Credits
EC3301 Econometrics 20 AND
View list 100 credits from Module List: EC3302 - EC3350, EC4401 - EC4489
EC3302 Decision and Game Theory 20
EC3303 Economic Growth 20
EC3304 Mathematical Economics 20
EC3305 Incentives, Contracts and Markets 20
EC3306 Economic Fluctuations 20
EC4401 Advanced Econometrics 20
EC4402 Economic History 20
EC4403 Health and Education 20
EC4405 Economics of the Environment 20
EC4406 Experimental Economics (20) 20
EC4407 Behavioural Economics 20
EC4408 Industrial Organisation and Regulations 20
EC4409 International Macroeconomics 20
EC4410 International Trade 20
EC4411 Economics of Labour 20
EC4414 Macroeconomic Policy 20
EC4415 Public Economics 20
EC4416 Innovation Economics (20) 20
EC4417 Financial Economics: Asset Pricing 20
EC4418 Financial Economics: Corporate Finance 20
EC4419 Economics of Development 20
EC4420 Inequality and Redistribution 20
EC4421 Political Economy 20
EC4424 The Economics of Migration 20
EC4425 Econometrics of Impact Evaluation 20
EC4430 Portfolio Management 20
- Not all modules are available in every academic year and/or semester
- Individual modules may have requisites to satisfy to be eligible to select them

For further details, see the module catalogue entry for each individual module above

Further requirements

Choose 120 credits in academic year

Over years 3 and 4 students must take at least 36 credits (St Andrews) / 9 credit hours (William & Mary) from EC3302-3306, EC4401 or the William & Mary equivalent modules.

Students must take at least 180 credits in EC3000 and EC4000 and ECON300 and ECON400 modules over years 3 and 4 of the programme.

BA International Honours (Economics): Fourth Year
Code Module name Credits
EC4499 Dissertation in Economics 40 AND
View list At least 60 credits from Module List: EC3302 - EC3350, EC4401 - EC4489 AND
EC3302 Decision and Game Theory 20
EC3303 Economic Growth 20
EC3304 Mathematical Economics 20
EC3305 Incentives, Contracts and Markets 20
EC3306 Economic Fluctuations 20
EC4401 Advanced Econometrics 20
EC4402 Economic History 20
EC4403 Health and Education 20
EC4405 Economics of the Environment 20
EC4406 Experimental Economics (20) 20
EC4407 Behavioural Economics 20
EC4408 Industrial Organisation and Regulations 20
EC4409 International Macroeconomics 20
EC4410 International Trade 20
EC4411 Economics of Labour 20
EC4414 Macroeconomic Policy 20
EC4415 Public Economics 20
EC4416 Innovation Economics (20) 20
EC4417 Financial Economics: Asset Pricing 20
EC4418 Financial Economics: Corporate Finance 20
EC4419 Economics of Development 20
EC4420 Inequality and Redistribution 20
EC4421 Political Economy 20
EC4424 The Economics of Migration 20
EC4425 Econometrics of Impact Evaluation 20
EC4430 Portfolio Management 20
- Not all modules are available in every academic year and/or semester
- Individual modules may have requisites to satisfy to be eligible to select them

For further details, see the module catalogue entry for each individual module above
View list Between 0 and 120 credits from Level 4000 options AND
AA4001 Cities and Urban Life in Late Antiquity (300-700 CE) 30
AA4002 From Pompeii to Aquileia: the Archaeology of Roman Italy (50 BCE - 300 CE) 30
AA4121 The Ancient City of Rome 30
AA4130 The Roman Army 30
AA4149 The Archaeology of Minoan Crete 30
AH4076 Rubens and Rembrandt: Parallel Worlds 30
AH4078 Art and Politics in France, 1945 - 1975 30
AH4081 The Scandinavian Art of Building and Design (1890-1960) 30
AH4087 Aspects of Surrealism 30
AH4106 British Furniture 1840 - 1920 30
AH4107 Wyndham Lewis and the Politics of Modernism 30
AH4108 Post-war Scottish Art 1950-present 30
AH4124 Art Nouveau in Western Europe 30
AH4129 The Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain (1860 - 1916) 30
AH4130 Realism and Symbolism in Russian Art 1860 - 1910 30
AH4133 Venetian Art in the Age of Reform 30
AH4140 The Grand Tour: The Artistic Relations between Britain and Italy in the Eighteenth Century 30
AH4142 Aspects of Modern Photography, 1910 - 1950 30
AH4147 Classicism in Western Art: The Legacy of Greece and Rome 30
AH4148 Orientalism and Visual Culture 30
AH4149 The Architecture of the Scottish Mediaeval Church 30
AH4151 Architecture and Culture in Rome, c. 1564 - 1766 30
AH4152 To School? Learning: Artistic Interpretations and Architectural Solutions 30
AH4156 Seeing the Sixties 30
AH4157 The Age of Vermeer: Dutch Genre Painting in the Seventeenth Century 30
AH4161 Gauguin and Primitivism 30
AH4162 Decorating and Furnishing the Country House, 1700 - 1830 30
AH4163 Approaches to Modern Sculpture 30
AH4164 The Patronage of the Arts in the Este and Gonzaga Courts c. 1440 - c.1590 30
AH4165 Cubism and its Legacies 30
AH4166 Histories of Photography (1835 - 1905) 30
AH4167 Symbolism, Decadence and Modernity 30
AH4170 Art, Piety and Performance: Charitable Institutions in Early Modern Venice 30
AH4171 The Arts of Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages 30
AH4172 Manuscript Illumination in Western Europe 30
AH4173 Architecture and its Image. From Brunelleschi to Palladio 30
AH4175 Luxury Goods in the Middle Ages 30
AH4190 Romanticism and Visuality 1780 - 1830 30
AH4201 British Design and Decorative Art (1750 - 1915) 30
AH4205 Byzantium, 330 - 1453: Art, Religion and Imperial Power 30
AH4207 Receptions of Venetian Painting 1600 - 1800 30
AH4208 The Portrait in Western Art 30
AH4211 Islam and the Arts 30
AH4212 Cultures of Collection and Display ca. 1851 to the Present Day 30
AH4213 Dada and Surrealism 30
AH4214 Body / Politics: Performance Art Since 1960 30
AH4215 Contemporary Art and the Ethics of Fieldwork 30
AH4216 Mediaeval Islamic Painting 30
AH4217 Childhood in Western Art Image and Interpretation 30
AN4105 Roman Egypt 30
AN4106 Persia and the Greeks 30
AN4108 The Disintegration of the Roman Empire 30
AN4109 Death in Roman Culture 30
AN4110 The Culture of Roman Imperialism 30
AN4136 Alexander the Great 30
AN4146 The Supremacy of Greece: Athens and Sparta 479 - 362 BCE 30
AN4152 Ancient Empires 30
AN4153 Religious Change in Late Antiquity 30
AN4154 Tyrant - Madman - Fool - Knave: the Julio-Claudian Emperors 14-68 CE 30
AN4155 Religious Communities in the Late Antique World 30
AN4426 Roman Slavery 30
AN4427 Greeks and Others 30
AR4205 Advanced Arabic 30
AR4235 Modern Arabic Literature: Novellas 30
AR4251 Key Texts in Classical Arabic Literature and Culture 2 30
AR4401 Advanced Arabic 1 15
AR4402 Advanced Arabic 2 15
AR4421 Exile and Identity 15
AR4422 Novellas 15
AR4461 Classical Arabic Poetry 15
AR4462 Classical Arabic Prose 15
AS4010 Extragalactic Astronomy 15
AS4011 The Physics of Nebulae and Stars 1 15
AS4012 The Physics of Nebulae and Stars 2 15
AS4015 Gravitational and Accretion Physics 15
AS4025 Observational Astrophysics 15
BL4200 Literature-based Research Project 30
BL4201 Experimental Research Project 60
BL4202 Research Project in Museum Studies 45
BL4210 Practical Skills for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 15
BL4211 Antimicrobials - Mode of Action and Resistance 15
BL4212 How Enzymes Work 15
BL4213 Molecular Virology 15
BL4215 Bacterial Virulence Factors 15
BL4216 Structure-based Drug Discovery 15
BL4220 Geomicrobiology - from Gold Mines to Global Warming, how Microbes influence our Planet 15
BL4222 Metabolic and Clinical Biochemistry 15
BL4223 Molecular and cell biology of eukaryotic DNA replication 15
BL4224 Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Trafficking 15
BL4230 Neurodegeneration and Aging 15
BL4231 Neuromodulation 15
BL4232 Neuroethology 15
BL4234 Synaptic Transmission 15
BL4235 Motoneurons: From Physiology to Pathology 15
BL4248 Human Physiology of Diving 15
BL4249 Scientific Diving 15
BL4251 Tropical Marine Biology 15
BL4254 Fisheries Research 15
BL4255 Marine and Environmental Biotechnology 15
BL4256 Marine Bioacoustics 15
BL4258 Foraging in Marine Mammals 15
BL4259 Marine Mammals and Man 15
BL4260 Biological Oceanography 15
BL4262 Environmental Drivers of Marine Habitats 15
BL4263 The Question of Culture in Cetaceans 15
BL4266 Conservation Research Methods 15
BL4268 Scientific Communication in Biodiversity and Conservation 15
BL4270 Plant-environment Interactions 15
BL4273 Bioinformatics for Biologists 15
BL4274 Evolutionary Developmental Biology 15
BL4275 Evolution in Action 15
BL4278 Biology of Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Vertebrates 15
BL4280 Evolution and Human Behaviour 15
BL4281 Animal Communication and Cognition 15
BL4282 Biology and Behaviour of Social Insects 15
BL4284 Breeding Systems and Sexual Conflict 15
BL4285 Complex Systems in Animal Behaviour 15
BL4286 Advanced Topics in Evolution 15
BL4301 Polar Ecology: A field course in Antarctica 15
BL4601 Research Project Development and Methodology 20
BL4602 External Research Placement 100
CH4442 Chemistry Research Project 50
CH4443 Chemistry Research Project for Non-graduating students (45) 45
CH4447 Level 4000 Project for Chemistry / Pharmacology 50
CH4448 Chemistry Project for Chemistry and Geology 20
CH4451 Chemistry Distance Learning 30
CH4452 Materials Chemistry Distance Learning 30
CH4453 Chemistry Distance Learning (Materials Chemistry) 10
CH4455 Chemistry Distance Learning (Inorganic Chemistry) 10
CH4456 Chemistry Distance Learning (Organic Chemistry) 10
CH4458 Chemistry Distance Learning (Physical Chemistry) 10
CH4461 Integrating Chemistry 10
CH4514 Advanced Metal Chemistry 10
CH4515 Advanced Main Group Chemistry 10
CH4612 Blockbuster Pharmaceuticals 10
CH4613 Natural Products and Society 10
CH4614 Heterocyclic and Pericyclic Chemistry 10
CH4615 Fragrance, Food and Colour Chemistry 10
CH4712 Energy Conversion and Storage 10
CH4715 Functional Materials and Electrons in Solids 10
CH4716 Electrochemistry and Computational Chemistry 10
CH4717 Fundamentals of the Spectroscopy of Molecules and Solids 10
CL4406 Herodotus 30
CL4419 Magic in Greco-Roman Literature and Life 30
CL4420 Fame, Tradition and Narrative: Homer's lliad 30
CL4421 The Ancient and Modern Novel 30
CL4433 Religions of the Greeks 30
CL4435 Greek Theatre 30
CL4437 Modern Classics: Classics in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 30
CL4438 Animals in Greco-Roman Antiquity 30
CL4444 Pleasure, Goodness and Happiness: Hellenistic Ethics 30
CL4445 Women in Ancient Societies 30
CL4449 After Virgil: The Aeneid and its Reception 30
CL4452 Knowledge and the World in Hellenistic Philosophy 30
CL4455 Roman Praise 30
CL4456 Pompeii 30
CL4458 Ethics and Lifestyles: Philosophy and Ways of Living in Antiquity 30
CL4461 Senecan Tragedy and its Reception 30
CL4500 Pleasure, Goodness and Happiness: Hellenistic Ethics 30
CL4502 Ethics and Lifestyles: Philosophy and Ways of Living in Antiquity 30
CL4602 From Classical Temple to Christian Basilica 30
CL4604 Greek Sculpture 30
CL4990 Special Topic in Classical Studies 15
CO4002 The Literary Canon 15
CO4003 Issues in Cultural Studies 15
CO4020 Literature and the Bible 15
CO4021 Autobiography and the Visual Arts 15
CO4022 Illness and Literature 15
CO4024 Performing Early-Modern Sexualities 15
CO4026 Classicism in European Literature 15
CO4027 Folk and Fairy Tales 15
CS4052 Logic and Software Verification 15
CS4102 Computer Graphics 15
CS4103 Distributed Systems 15
CS4201 Programming Language Design and Implementation 15
CS4202 Computer Architecture 15
CS4203 Computer Security 15
CS4204 Concurrency and Multi-Core Architectures 15
CS4302 Signal Processing and Perception for Digital Media 15
CS4303 Video Games 15
CS4402 Constraint Programming 15
DI4015 Communication in Divinity 15
DI4511 Church History Special Topic: Mediaeval Monastic Spirituality 30
DI4515 Victorian Hymn 30
DI4524 Scottish Spirituality 30
DI4525 Mediaeval Monastic Spirituality 30
DI4526 Christian Mysticism Through the Ages 30
DI4551 Baylor University Module 15
DI4608 Gospel of Matthew (English Texts) 30
DI4609 Gospel of Matthew (Greek Texts) 30
DI4610 Christology and Pneumatology in the New Testament 30
DI4615 New Testament Special Topic 30
DI4616 New Testament Special Topic - Atonement 30
DI4626 The Book of Revelation: English Texts 30
DI4627 The Book of Revelation: English and Greek Texts 30
DI4628 Epistle to the Hebrews: English Text 30
DI4629 Epistle to the Hebrews: Greek Text 30
DI4630 The Gospel of Mark: English Text 30
DI4631 The Gospel of Mark: Greek Text 30
DI4700 Hebrew Prose and Poetry 30
DI4705 Biblical Aramaic 30
DI4711 Old Testament Special Topic : Creation and Chaos in the Old Testament and Ancient Near East 30
DI4712 The Dead Sea Scrolls: English Text 30
DI4713 The Dead Sea Scrolls: Hebrew Text 30
DI4715 The Pentateuch 30
DI4726 Hebrew Readings 30
DI4728 Poetry and Prayer: An Introduction to the Psalms 30
DI4729 Poetry and Prayer: An Introduction to the Psalms (Hebrew) 30
DI4730 The Book of Daniel 30
DI4731 Ancient Jewish Literature from 1 Enoch to the Mishnah 30
DI4750 Themes and Texts in Christian-Buddhist Dialogue 30
DI4800 Theology and Pastoral Care 30
DI4805 Practical Theology Special Topic: Theological Issues in Medical Ethics 30
DI4816 The Theology of the Musical 30
DI4819 Monarchy, Church and National Identity 30
DI4823 Worship and the Word: Liturgy and Homiletics 30
DI4824 Theology in Latin America 30
DI4825 Theology in Africa 30
DI4826 Themes in Postcolonial Theology 30
DI4827 Christian Ethics and Contemporary Society 30
DI4914 Theology Special Topic: A Quest for God: The Religious World of Dante 30
DI4915 Theology Special Topic - Kierkegaard and Theology 30
DI4916 The Theology of Karl Barth 30
DI4924 Theology and Imagination 30
DI4928 Theological Anthropology 30
DI4933 Colgate University Module 15
DI4936 Theology and Literature 30
DI4937 The Study of Theology 30
DI4938 The Doctrine of the Trinity in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives 30
DI4939 Creation and Providence 30
DI4940 Analytic Theology 30
EC4201 Economic Analysis 30
EC4202 Econometrics 2 15
EC4203 Contemporary Issues 30
EC4204 Financial Economic Theory 30
EC4205 Economic Policy 30
EC4302 Research Project 30
EC4401 Advanced Econometrics 20
EC4402 Economic History 20
EC4403 Health and Education 20
EC4405 Economics of the Environment 20
EC4406 Experimental Economics (20) 20
EC4407 Behavioural Economics 20
EC4408 Industrial Organisation and Regulations 20
EC4409 International Macroeconomics 20
EC4410 International Trade 20
EC4411 Economics of Labour 20
EC4414 Macroeconomic Policy 20
EC4415 Public Economics 20
EC4416 Innovation Economics (20) 20
EC4417 Financial Economics: Asset Pricing 20
EC4418 Financial Economics: Corporate Finance 20
EC4419 Economics of Development 20
EC4420 Inequality and Redistribution 20
EC4421 Political Economy 20
EC4424 The Economics of Migration 20
EC4430 Portfolio Management 20
EC4501 Capital Investment Analysis 15
EC4502 Corporate Finance 15
EC4503 The Economics of Innovation 15
EC4504 Economics of Social Life 15
EC4505 Environmental Economics 15
EC4506 Experiments in Economics 15
EC4507 Behavioural Economics 15
EC4508 Industrial Organisation 15
EC4509 International Finance 15
EC4510 Issues in Economic Policy 15
EC4511 Labour Economics 15
EC4512 Law and Economics 15
EC4513 The Macroeconomics of European Integration 15
EC4514 Monetary Policy 15
EC4515 Public Finance 15
EC4517 Small Business Economics 15
EC4519 Development Economics 15
EC4520 Economics of Inequality 15
EC4601 Advanced Econometrics (15) 15
EC4602 Economic History (15) 15
EC4603 Health and Education (15) 15
EC4605 Economics of the Environment (15) 15
EC4606 Experimental Economics (15) 15
EC4607 Behavioural Economics (15) 15
EC4608 Industrial Organisation and Regulations (15) 15
EC4609 International Macroeconomics (15) 15
EC4610 International Trade (15) 15
EC4611 Economics of Labour (15) 15
EC4615 Public Economics (15) 15
EC4616 Innovation Economics (15) 15
EC4617 Financial Economics : Asset Pricing (15) 15
EC4618 Financial Economics: Corporate Finance (15) 15
EG4020 Geochronology 15
EN4311 Old English Poetry 30
EN4312 Authorising English: Society, Gender and Religion in Late Mediaeval English Literature 30
EN4314 Old English Afterlives: Literary Anglo-Saxonism 30
EN4315 Apocalyptic Literature in Early English 30
EN4316 Courtly Literature in Middle English 30
EN4341 Renaissance Sexualities: Rhetoric and the Body 1580 - 1660 30
EN4342 Restoration Drama in Context 30
EN4343 Literature and Law in Early Modern England 30
EN4344 Early English Romance Comedy: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries 30
EN4345 Hard Cases: Literary Complexity from Donne to Pope 30
EN4346 The Early Tudors: Literature and Reformation 30
EN4347 Milton 30
EN4348 Bodies and Selves in the Renaissance 30
EN4361 The Novels of Jane Austen in Context 30
EN4362 Mind, Body and Soul: Literature in the Enlightenment 30
EN4363 Romantic Writing and Women 30
EN4364 The Art of Victorian Poetry 30
EN4365 Literature and Childhood in the Eighteenth Century 30
EN4366 Byron's Long Poems and Dramas 30
EN4367 Romantic Gothic 30
EN4368 Read all about it! Victorian Literature and the Press 30
EN4369 Victorian Literature and Science 30
EN4403 Mediaevalism 30
EN4404 Shakespeare and Film 30
EN4405 Contemporary Poetry in Great Britain and Ireland 30
EN4406 Contemporary British Fiction 30
EN4407 Twentieth-Century Crime Fiction: Gender and Genre 30
EN4408 Science Fiction 30
EN4409 Modern American Drama 30
EN4413 Reading the 1940s 30
EN4414 Thomas Hardy 30
EN4415 T.S. Eliot 30
EN4416 Virginia Woolf 30
EN4417 Writing Poetry and Prose 30
EN4418 American Poetry since 1950 30
EN4419 American Fiction: Self and Nation (1865 - 1939) 30
EN4420 Creative Writing 2 30
EN4421 J R R Tolkien 30
EN4422 Poetic Language 30
EN4423 Material Culture in Victorian and Modernist Fiction 30
EN4424 Nationalists and Nomads: Contemporary World Literature 30
EN4425 Celtic Modernisms 30
EN4426 Civil Wars on Page and Screen 30
EN4427 The Shape of the Poem 30
EN4428 Imagining Ireland: Forging the Nation 30
EN4430 Making Performance 30
EN4500 Playwriting 30
ES4001 Field Excursion and Map Interpretation 15
ES4002 Research Review, Essay and Seminar 15
ES4004 Integrated Earth Sciences 15
ES4007 Petroleum Exploration and Geophysics 15
ES4008 Environmental Excursion 15
ES4009 Geodynamics 15
ES4010 Joint Honours Research Project 30
ES4031 Analytical Sciences 5
ES4801 Geology Field Camp in Scotland 24
FM4102 Cinema and Politics 30
FM4104 Film and History 30
FM4106 War and Cinema 30
FM4107 Cinema and Nation 30
FM4108 Cinema and Media in the Digital Age 30
FM4109 Film and the Archive 30
FM4110 Images and Impact: The Uses of Film 30
FM4111 The European Crime Film 30
FM4112 Images of the Past 30
FM4113 Ecocinema: The Nature of Film 30
FM4114 Film Genres 30
FM4115 Sensory Cinema 30
FM4116 Stars 30
FM4117 Modernity and the Moving Image 30
FM4118 Film and Fashion 30
FM4202 The Cinema in Eastern Europe 30
FM4204 Asian Cinemas 30
FM4206 Cinemas of India 30
FM4207 British Cinemas: Conventions, Subversions, and Outsiders 30
FM4303 Documentary Cinema 30
FM4304 Film and Sexual Identities 30
FM4308 Film Sound 30
FR4078 Music in Nineteenth-Century French Poetry 15
FR4103 Translation Methodology 1 15
FR4104 Translation Methodology 2 15
FR4105 Communication Skills in French 1 15
FR4106 Communication Skills in French 2 15
FR4110 Translating French Opera 15
FR4111 Discovering the Renaissance: Imitation, Interpretation and Imagination 15
FR4115 Representations of the Renaissance: Sixteenth-century France in Historical Novels and Films 15
FR4116 Mediaeval Marvels: The Exotic, the East and the Other in Mediaeval French Literature 15
FR4123 Libertine Literature and Libertinage in Eighteenth-Century France 15
FR4125 The French Age of Enlightenment 15
FR4129 Plays, Players and Playwrights: The Theatre in France 1620 - 1715 15
FR4149 Aspects of Gender in Seventeenth-Century Theatre 15
FR4150 Creative Writing in French 15
FR4160 From One War to Another: French Politics, Culture and Society 1914 - 1945 (2) 15
FR4164 De Gaulle and Since: Topics in the Politics,Culture and Society of the Fifth Republic (2) 15
FR4169 Painting and Writing: the figure of the artist in recent French Literature 15
FR4175 The 'nouveau roman': Undoing the Novel 15
FR4176 Recent Women's Writing in French: Theory and Practice 15
FR4180 Modern French Thought 15
FR4181 Contemporary French Crime Fiction 15
FR4182 Goods and Ads: Consumerism in Modern France 15
FR4807 Honours French 3 (Science) 15
FR4808 Honours French 4 (Science) 15
GG4001 Managing Modern Cities: Strategies for Competitiveness, Sustainability and Social Justice 15
GG4042 Quaternary Geomorphology of Scotland 2 15
GG4057 Glaciers and Glacial Processes 2 15
GG4058 Advanced Glaciology 15
GG4082 Physical Processes in Geosciences 15
GG4090 Late Holocene Palaeoclimatology - Studying climate change for the last 2000 years 15
GG4110 Environmental Geoscience Mapping and Analysis 15
GG4111 Forensic Applications of Environmental Isotope Techniques 15
GG4201 Advanced Debates in Geography 10
GG4225 Advanced Demographic Methods 20
GG4301 Advanced Study for Joint or Major Honours in Geography 10
GK4100 Greek Prose Composition 30
GK4102 Greek Tragedy 30
GK4105 Greek Rhetoric and Its Representation 30
GK4108 Helen of Troy and the Femme Fatale in Archaic and Classical Greek Literature 30
GK4109 Greek Literature in the Roman Empire 30
GK4110 Imagining the Symposium 30
GK4113 Greeks and Barbarians 30
GK4114 Hesiod and the near East 30
GK4115 Epiphanic Gods: Text and Context in the Homeric Hymns 30
GK4116 Greeks on Education 30
GK4117 Lies, History and Ideology 30
GK4118 Greeks and Romans: Greek Literature and Identity to the Age of Augustus 30
GK4121 Violence in Early Greek Poetry 30
GK4122 Wealth, Virtue and Happiness from Homer to Aristotle 30
GK4123 Narrating War in Graeco-Roman Antiquity: Herodotus, Thucydides, Polybius 30
GM4007 Translation Methodology (German / English) 15
GM4046 Mediaeval Things 15
GM4047 German Cinema 15
GM4049 Language and Ideology in the GDR and West Germany from 1949 - 1989 15
GM4069 German History 1949 to the Present 15
GM4070 Writing Nature: German Environmental Thought (1800 - 2000) 15
GM4071 Shakespeare: the German Catalyst 15
GM4072 German Classicism 15
GM4073 Women in German Letters 15
GM4074 Mediaeval Film 15
GM4079 Dealing with the Past 15
GM4082 German Journalists 1848-1980 15
GM4084 Germany's Monsters 15
GM4086 Reason and Revolt: German Culture in the Enlightenment 15
GM4088 Prose Representations of Modern Berlin 15
GM4089 Mermaids, Devils, Fortunes: How the German Novel Began 15
GM4090 Contemporary Turkish-German Text and Film 15
GM4091 Generation, Genealogy and the Quest for Tradition: Contemporary German Family Narratives 15
GM4092 East German Cinema 15
GM4093 Heimat Discourse in Contemporary German Literature 15
GM4094 The German Long Story (1880 - 1941) 15
GM4095 Rethinking German Realism 1845 - 1898 15
GM4096 Love in German Literature since the 1990s 15
GM4105 German Language 3 15
GM4106 German Language 4 15
HI4101 Communication in History 15
HI4997 Recording the Past 30
ID4001 Communication and Teaching in Science 15
ID4002 Communication and Teaching in Arts and Humanities 15
ID4441 Combined Chemistry and Geology Research Project 50
ID4801 Human Rights, Poverty and Security 30
IR4401 Communication in International Relations 15
IR4501 International Politics of Nuclear Weapons 30
IR4502 Conflict Management, Settlement and Resolution 30
IR4504 The Language of Politics 30
IR4506 Political Economy of the Modern Middle East 30
IR4508 Religion and World Politics 30
IR4509 World Order in the History of Political Thought 30
IR4512 Britain and the World 30
IR4514 Global Public Policy 30
IR4516 The International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa 30
IR4518 Ethics and the Use of Force 30
IR4519 Politics and Development in Southeast Asia 30
IR4521 Representations of International Relations 30
IR4522 Critical Approaches to International Security 30
IR4523 The Aftermath of the Wars: Liberal Dilemmas 30
IR4525 Ethno-National Conflict in the Post-Communist Space 30
IR4526 Terrorism, Radicalism and Extremism 30
IR4527 International Relations of the European Union 30
IR4528 Foreign Policy of Modern China 30
IR4529 Force in the Modern World 30
IR4530 Genocide 30
IR4531 The Return of Great Power Politics 30
IR4532 The Cultural Politics of Human Rights 30
IR4534 Terrorist Finance 30
IR4535 Theories of Friendship, Solidarity and Peace 30
IR4536 Warmongers and Peacemakers: Religious Actors and Conflict 30
IR4538 Identities, Belonging and Others 30
IR4539 International Law and International Legal Theory 30
IR4540 The Changing Character of War 30
IR4541 Dealing in Darkness: An Anatomy of Realism in International Relations 30
IR4542 Gender and Terrorism 30
IR4543 Activism and Resistance 30
IR4544 Wars and Peace in the Caucasus 30
IR4545 Indian Foreign Policy 30
IR4546 The Psychology of International Security 30
IR4547 Shadows in the Global Political Economy 30
IR4548 Force and Statecraft 30
IR4549 Theory, Critique and Ideology in International Relations 30
IR4550 Art and War 30
IR4551 Cosmopolitanism and Global Politics 30
IR4552 The Politics of the Environment 30
IR4553 Europe, America and the Transatlantic 30
IR4554 Global Aesthetics and Politics 30
IR4555 Music, Politics and International Relations 30
IR4556 Politics and Time: Memory, Narrative and Mourning in Group Identity and Conflict 30
IR4558 Non-Western International Relations 30
IR4559 Dilemmas of International Governance: Conflict and Human Rights 30
IR4561 Security as Ethics: Rethinking the Global Polity 30
IR4562 The Political Lives of Objects 30
IR4600 Ideologies and Social Movements in the Middle East 30
IR4601 Political Order and Violence in the Middle East 30
IR4602 International Relations of the Middle East 30
IR4603 Central Asia in International Politics 30
IR4604 Political Islam and International Relations 30
IR4605 The Arab - Israeli Conflict 30
IT4003 Communication Skills 1 15
IT4004 Communication Skills 2 15
IT4005 Translation Methodology 15
IT4010 Early Italian Lyric Poetry 15
IT4012 Dante Alighieri 15
IT4013 Modern Italy through Cinema 15
IT4014 Female Literary Representations in the Italian Renaissance 15
IT4015 Literary Transvestism in Italian Literature 15
IT4016 Twentieth-Century Italian Canonical and Anti-Canonical Poetry 15
IT4022 Fascist Italy 15
IT4023 Authority and subversion in Renaissance Italy 15
IT4024 Authority and Subversion in Renaissance Italy 15
IT4025 Foreign Bodies: Migration and Contemporary Italian Culture 15
IT4026 Fascism and Film 15
IT4027 Migration and Transculturality in New Italian Narratives 15
IT4028 The Twentieth-century Italian Novel 15
IT4029 Black Italians 15
LI4001 General Linguistics 3: Semantics and Discourse 15
LI4002 General Linguistics 4: Languages in Contact 15
LT4201 Roman Epic 30
LT4203 Latin Prose Composition 30
LT4207 Roman Comedy 30
LT4208 Late Latin 30
LT4209 Latin Historical Writing 30
LT4210 Latin Didactic Poetry 30
LT4211 Latin Letters 30
LT4212 Virgin Martyrs and Axe-Wielding Bishops 30
LT4213 Roman Satire 30
LT4214 Latin Philosophical Writing 30
LT4215 Senecan Tragedy 30
LT4216 The Art of Translation: Ovid in English 30
LT4218 Women in Myth 30
LT4219 Roman Biography 30
LT4220 Latin Lyric 30
ME4701 Henry I: Perceptions and Practice of Kingship in Anglo Norman England 60
ME4707 Law and Society in England c. 870 - 1220 60
ME4709 Past and Present in Mediaeval Wales 60
ME4710 England and France at War in the Fourteenth Century 60
ME4712 'A Century of Iron': Rulers, Warriors and Scholars in Tenth-Century England and Germany 60
ME4713 The Cult of Saints 60
ME4752 The Wars of the Bruces: Kings, Nobles and Commumities in the British Isles (1306 - 1346) 60
ME4753 Chivalry and Kingship: Scotland in the Late Middle Ages 60
ME4754 Conquest and Community: The British Isles in the Age of Edward I (1239 - 1307) 60
ME4755 Norway in Saga Times 60
ME4803 The Fourth Crusade 60
ME4806 The Age of Charlemagne c. 750 - 830 60
ME4807 The Early Mendicants: Francis, Clare and Dominic (c. 1180 - c. 1270) 60
ME4812 From Leo VI to Basil II: Byzantium in the Tenth Century 60
ME4813 The Merovingian World 60
ME4814 Iran from the Sasanids to the Samanids (224-1003) 60
ME4815 France from Philip Augustus to Philip the Fair 60
ME4852 From Leo VI to Basil II: Byzantium in the Tenth Century 60
ME4854 Byzantine and Ottoman Constantinople (Istanbul) 60
ME4855 Crusaders, Mongols and Mamluks: West and East in the Mid-Thirteenth Century 60
ME4856 From Byzantium to the Ottoman Empire 60
ME4901 The Cult of Saints 60
MN4100 Contemporary Issues in Management 20
MN4102 Organisation Philosophy 20
MN4203 Dynamic Strategic Management 20
MN4204 Change, Complexity and Innovation 20
MN4211 International Marketing 20
MN4213 Human Resource Management 20
MN4214 Management of Change 20
MN4223 International Banking 20
MN4224 Consuming Culture 20
MN4225 Scenario Thinking 20
MN4227 Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability and Reporting 20
MN4235 Public Sector Management 20
MN4236 Sociology of Finance 20
MN4238 Sustainable Development and Management 20
MN4239 Advertising: A Social History (ASH) 20
MN4241 Knowledge Work: Practice and Context 20
MN4242 Advertising and Marketing Communications 20
MN4243 Philanthropy and Philanthropreneurs: The Business Of Doing Good 20
MN4244 Behavioural Decision Making 20
MN4245 Leadership Development 20
MN4262 Social Theory and Work Organisation 20
MN4263 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development 20
MN4266 Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs): Contexts, Contributions, and Challenges 20
MN4267 Creative Industries 20
MN4268 Equality and Diversity in Organisations 20
MN4310 Scenario Thinking 20
MN4311 Dynamic Strategic Management 20
MO4804 Work and Politics in Modern Scotland 60
MO4805 The Scottish Enlightenment 60
MO4806 Britain and the Thirty Years' War (1618 - 1648) 60
MO4807 The Marian Moment: Politics and Ideology in Mary Stewart's Britain 1542 - 1587 60
MO4850 Britain and Iran in the Modern Era 60
MO4852 Experiencing the Past in the Middle East 60
MO4903 Blood, Courts and Glory: The Catholic Reformation 60
MO4904 Madness and its Social Milieu in Britain, 1560 - 1820 60
MO4909 Elizabethan Political Culture 60
MO4910 'The German Hercules' - Martin Luther and Germany, 1517 - 2000 60
MO4912 French Absolutism: Richelieu to Louis XIV 60
MO4913 Saints and Martyrs in Early Modern Europe 60
MO4914 The German Enlightenment in European Perspectives 60
MO4915 Rebellion, Revolution and Restoration: The English Civil Wars and Interregnum 60
MO4916 England's Long Reformation, c. 1520 - c. 1720 60
MO4921 Britain and its Empire in the Age of the Consumer Revolution 1660 - 1820 60
MO4930 The Technologies of Victorian Britain 60
MO4932 Russians Making History (1755 - 2000) 60
MO4936 Bismarck: Biography - Politics - Mythology 60
MO4937 Charles Darwin and the Politics of Progress 60
MO4938 Progress and Reform: The United States (1880 - 1930) 60
MO4939 Civil War and Dictatorship in Spain, 1936 - 1959 60
MO4940 Britain in the Era of the Great War 60
MO4944 Diplomatic Prelude to the Second World War 60
MO4949 Debating Indian Futures: From Empire to Republic (1917 - 1950) 60
MO4952 The Kennedy Years 60
MO4959 British Cinema History (1920 - 1960) 60
MO4961 Mapping Modern Europe: Spatial Perspectives on the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 60
MO4962 France and Africa in the Twentieth Century: Colonialism, Anti-colonialism, Post-colonialism 60
MO4965 Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in Twentieth-Century Europe 60
MO4966 Religion and Society: Protestant Europe 1500 - 1650 60
MO4967 Elizabethan England: Politics, Religion, and Personalities (1558 - 1603) 60
MO4968 Curiosity, Empire and Science in Eighteenth-Century France 60
MO4969 East Asian Encounters in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 60
MO4970 Revolutions and Empires (1776 - 1848) 60
MO4971 The City in East and Southeast Asia c. 1850 - 1950 60
MO4972 Understanding Resistance and Protest in Modern India (c. 19th - 21st centuries) 60
MO4973 Twentieth-Century Germany: A Sense of Place 60
MT4003 Groups 15
MT4004 Real and Abstract Analysis 15
MT4005 Linear and Nonlinear Waves 15
MT4111 Symbolic Computation 15
MT4112 Computing in Mathematics 15
MT4113 Computing in Statistics 15
MT4501 Topics in the History of Mathematics 15
MT4507 Classical Mechanics 15
MT4508 Dynamical Systems 15
MT4509 Fluid Dynamics 15
MT4510 Solar Theory 15
MT4511 Asymptotic Methods 15
MT4513 Fractal Geometry 15
MT4514 Graph Theory 15
MT4515 Functional Analysis 15
MT4516 Finite Mathematics 15
MT4519 Number Theory 15
MT4526 Topology 15
MT4527 Time Series Analysis 15
MT4528 Markov Chains and Processes 15
MT4530 Population Genetics 15
MT4531 Bayesian Inference 15
MT4536 Stochastic and Spatial Processes 15
MT4537 Spatial Processes 15
MT4551 Financial Mathematics 15
MT4552 Mathematical Biology 1 15
MT4553 Theory of Electric and Magnetic Fields 15
MT4606 Statistical Inference 15
MT4607 Generalised Linear Models and Data Analysis 15
MT4608 Sampling Theory 15
MT4609 Multivariate Analysis 15
MT4613 Statistical Research in Practice 15
MT4614 Design of Experiments 15
PH4026 Signals and Information 15
PH4027 Optoelectronics and Nonlinear Optics 15
PH4028 Advanced Quantum Mechanics 15
PH4031 Fluids 15
PH4032 Special Relativity and Fields 15
PH4034 Laser Physics 1 15
PH4035 Principles of Optics 15
PH4036 Physics of Music 15
PH4038 Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics 15
PH4039 Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics 15
PH4040 Nuclear and Particle Physics with Advanced Skills 15
PH4041 Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics 15
PH4042 Concepts in Atomic Physics and Magnetic Resonance 15
PH4043 Studies in Physics and Chemistry 5
PH4105 Physics Laboratory 2 15
PN4230 Neurodegeneration and Aging 15
PN4231 Neuromodulation 15
PN4234 Synaptic Transmission 15
PN4235 Motoneurons: From Physiology to Pathology 15
PR4002 Advanced Persian 2 15
PR4020 Introduction to Classical Persian Literature 15
PR4021 Female Identity in Contemporary Iran 15
PS4040 Psychology Review 10
PS4060 Review Essay 15
PS4064 Working Memory 15
PS4065 Vision: from Neurons to Awareness 15
PS4066 Neural Modelling 15
PS4069 Group Behaviour 15
PS4071 Behavioural Neuroscience 15
PS4074 Cognitive Psychology and the Emotional Disorders 15
PS4075 Animal Communication and Language 15
PS4079 Sex Differences and Gender Development 15
PS4080 Social Memory 15
PS4081 Formation and Reduction of Prejudice and Stereotyping 15
PS4083 Psychology of Music 15
PS4084 Psychology of Art: Aesthetics and individual differences in visual function 15
PS4085 Evolution and Development of Social and Technical Intelligence 15
PS4086 Origins and Evolution of Mind Reading (Theory of Mind) 15
PS4088 Emotion 15
PS4089 Neural Basis of Episodic Memory 15
PS4090 Face Perception and Human Attraction 15
PS4091 Computer-aided Research 15
PS4092 The Evolutionary Psychology of Religion and Belief 15
PS4093 The Psychology of Dementia 15
PS4094 Communicating Psychology and Neuroscience 15
PS4095 Psychopathology 15
PS4096 Mechanisms of Behaviour: Integrating Psychological and Neuroscience Perspectives 15
PS4097 Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience 15
PS4100 The Psychology of Terrorism 15
PS4101 Selves and Identities 15
PY4601 Paradoxes 30
PY4603 Philosophy of Film 30
PY4604 Political Philosophy 30
PY4606 Contemporary Epistemology 30
PY4607 Continental European Philosophy from Descartes to Leibniz 30
PY4608 Political Philosophy in the Age of Revolutions 30
PY4609 Philosophical Methodology 30
PY4610 Philosophy of Perception 30
PY4611 Classical Philosophy 30
PY4612 Advanced Logic 30
PY4614 Philosophy of Mind 30
PY4615 Metaphysics 30
PY4616 Freedom and Action 30
PY4617 The Philosophy of Saul Kripke 30
PY4618 Animals, Minds and Language 30
PY4619 Social Philosophy 30
PY4620 Virtue and Vice 30
PY4621 British Philosophy 1650 - 1800 30
PY4622 Kant's Critical Philosophy 30
PY4624 Philosophy of Art 30
PY4625 Philosophy and Public Affairs: Global Justice 30
PY4626 Life and Death 30
PY4632 Contemporary Philosophy of Language 30
PY4633 Philosophy of Mathematics 30
PY4634 Philosophy of Logic 30
PY4635 Contemporary Moral Theory 30
PY4637 Asian Philosophies 30
PY4638 Philosophy of Religion 30
PY4639 Philosophy of Creativity 30
PY4640 Mediaeval Philosophy 30
PY4641 Nineteenth-century Ethics and Philosophy 30
PY4642 Trust, Knowledge and Society 30
PY4643 Philosophy of Law 30
PY4644 Rousseau on Human Nature, Society, and Freedom 30
PY4645 Philosophy and Literature 30
PY4646 Reasons for Action and Belief 30
PY4647 Humans, Animals, and Nature 30
PY4648 Conceptual Engineering and its Role in Philosophy 30
PY4649 Core Works in Continental Philosophy 30
PY4650 Philosophy, Feminism and Gender 30
PY4651 Effective Altruism 30
PY4652 The Philosophy of Human Rights 30
PY4701 Philosophy and Pedagogy 15
RU4020 Directed Readings in Central and East European Languages 1 15
RU4042 The Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature 15
RU4101 Advanced Russian Language 2 15
RU4102 Advanced Russian Oral Skills 0
RU4104 Russian Communication Skills 15
RU4106 Advanced Russian for Business 15
RU4120 Directed Readings in Central and East European Languages 2 15
RU4128 Soviet Literature 1940 - 1991 15
RU4130 Issues in Russian Cultural Memory 15
RU4132 Contemporary Russian Literature 15
RU4133 Russian Children's Literature (1900 - 2015) 15
RU4140 The Russian Silver Age: Art and Time 15
RU4142 The Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature 15
RU4144 Russian Crime Fiction 15
RU4150 History of Russian Cinema 15
RU4151 The City in Soviet and Russian Cinema 15
RU4152 Vladimir Nabokov 15
RU4201 Directed Readings in Central and East European Languages 1 15
SA4005 The West Indies and the Black Atlantic 30
SA4058 Visual Anthropology 30
SA4059 Living with Material Culture 30
SA4060 Anthropology of Religion and Politics 30
SA4301 Anthropology in the Community 15
SA4500 Independent Project 1 30
SA4501 Independent Project 2 30
SA4850 Andes 30
SA4855 Anthropology, Literature and Writing 30
SA4856 Anthropology, Christianity and Modernity 30
SA4857 West Africa 30
SA4860 Anthropology of Amazonia 30
SA4861 Ethnography of Fieldwork 30
SA4862 Imagining the World: The Anthropology of Consciousness 30
SA4863 Youth in Africa 30
SA4864 Melanesian Anthropology 30
SA4865 Ethnohistories of the Americas 30
SA4866 Anthropology and Eurasia 30
SD4001 Case Studies in Sustainable Development 2 20
SD4003 Designing Sustainable Systems: Case Studies in Sustainable Development 30
SD4121 Sustainability in Practice 10
SG4221 Review Essay 20
SG4222 Advanced Qualitative Analysis 20
SG4223 Advanced Quantitative Analysis 20
SG4224 Advanced Topics in Physical Sciences 20
SG4228 Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Science (GISci) 20
SP4003 Spanish Language 3 15
SP4004 Spanish Language 4: Communication Skills 15
SP4008 Contemporary Spanish Language 15
SP4012 Linguistic Study of the Spanish Language 15
SP4013 Culture and Conflict: Representing the Spanish Civil War 15
SP4014 Spanish Avant-garde(s) 15
SP4015 Action Heroes and Anti-heroes in Early-Modern Spain 15
SP4113 Honours Spanish 3 (Science) 15
SP4114 Honours Spanish 4 (Science): Communication Skills 15
SP4223 History and Culture in Spanish Texts 15
SP4224 Reality and Illusion 15
- Not all modules are available in every academic year and/or semester
- Individual modules may have requisites to satisfy to be eligible to select them

For further details, see the module catalogue entry for each individual module above
View list Between 0 and 120 credits from Level 3000 options
AA3020 Principles and Techniques in Archaeology 30
AH3104 The Age of Klimt, Olbrich and Mucha 30
AH3116 Aspects of American Art in the Modern Period 30
AH3122 The British Country House (1650 - 1800) 30
AH3130 Approaches to Art History 30
AN3034 Approaches to Ancient History 30
AR3201 Media Arabic 30
AR3206 Literary Arabic 30
AR3250 Key Texts in Classical Arabic Literature and Culture 1 30
AR3401 Media Arabic 1 15
AR3402 Media Arabic 2 15
AR3411 Modern Arab Culture and Society 15
AR3421 Arabic Short Stories 1 15
AR3422 Arabic Short Stories 2 15
AR3461 Key Texts in Classical Arabic Literature and Culture 1 15
AR3462 Key Texts in Classical Arabic Literature and Culture 2 15
AS3013 Computational Astrophysics 15
BL3000 Field Course 10
BL3301 Protein Structure and Function 20
BL3302 Gene Regulation 20
BL3303 Membranes and Cell Communication 20
BL3307 Evolution 20
BL3308 Aquatic Ecology 20
BL3309 Ecosystems and Conservation 20
BL3310 Bioenergetics 20
BL3311 Infection and Disease 20
BL3315 Developmental Biology 20
BL3316 Animal Plant Interactions 20
BL3318 Biology of Marine Organisms 20
BL3319 Animal Behaviour: A Quantitative Approach 20
BL3320 Statistical and Quantitative Skills for Biologists 10
BL3321 Advanced Critical Analysis Reading Party 10
BL3322 Basic Biochemistry Laboratory 10
BL3323 Terrestrial Zoology 20
CH3431 Chemistry Workshop 10
CH3441 Mini Chemistry Project 20
CH3512 Organometallic Chemistry 10
CH3513 Chemistry of Materials 10
CH3514 Physical Inorganic Chemistry 10
CH3521 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 10
CH3612 Synthetic Methodology 10
CH3613 Carbohydrate and Nucleic Acid Chemistry 10
CH3615 Mechanism in Organic Chemistry 10
CH3621 Organic Chemistry Laboratory 10
CH3622 Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Materials) 10
CH3712 Quantum Theory of Atoms, Molecules and Solids 10
CH3715 Introduction to Analysis of Materials 10
CH3716 Quantitative Aspects of Medicinal Chemistry 10
CH3717 Statistical Mechanics and Computational Chemistry 10
CH3721 Physical Chemistry Laboratory 10
CH3722 Materials Laboratory 10
CO3001 Issues in Comparative Literature 15
CO3002 Found in Translation 15
CO3020 Cultural Memory and Literature 15
CO3021 Crossing the Mediterranean 15
CS3052 Computational Complexity 15
CS3101 Databases 15
CS3102 Data Communications and Networks 15
CS3104 Operating Systems 15
CS3105 Artificial Intelligence 15
CS3106 Human Computer Interaction 15
CS3301 Component Technology 15
CS3302 Data Encoding 15
DI3701 Reading in Patristic Theology 15
DI3702 Reading in Mediaeval Theology 15
DI3703 Reading in Reformation and Early Modern Theology 15
DI3704 Reading in Theological Ethics 15
DI3705 Reading in Modern Theology 15
DI3711 Reading in the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible 15
DI3712 Reading in the New Testament 15
DI3714 Reading the Bible Theologically 15
DI3715 Reading the Bible in Late Modernity 15
DI3716 Reading in the Greek New Testament 30
EC3201 Advanced Microeconomics 30
EC3202 Econometrics 1 15
EC3203 Advanced Macroeconomics 30
EC3301 Econometrics 20
EC3302 Decision and Game Theory 20
EC3303 Economic Growth 20
EC3304 Mathematical Economics 20
EC3305 Incentives, Contracts and Markets 20
EC3306 Economic Fluctuations 20
EG3020 Global Climate Change 15
EG3031 Special Topic for Physical Geography 5
EG3032 Special Environmental Topic for Physical Geography 5
EN3111 Beowulf 30
EN3112 Chaucer's Canterbury Tales 30
EN3113 Unreformed Scotland: Older Scots Literature to 1560 30
EN3141 Tragedy in the Age of Shakespeare 30
EN3142 Renaissance Literature: Texts and Contexts 30
EN3161 The Development of the Novel to 1840 30
EN3162 Revolution and Romanticism: Literature, History and Society (1789-1805) 30
EN3163 The Younger Romantics: Poetry and Prose (1810 - 1830) 30
EN3164 Self and Society in the Victorian Novel 30
EN3165 'Loose Baggy Monsters': The Rise and Fall of the Victorian Novel 30
EN3166 Victorian Poetry's Voices 30
EN3201 Literary Theory 30
EN3202 Literature and Ecology 30
EN3206 Aspects of Modern Fiction 30
EN3207 Twentieth-Century British and Irish Drama 30
EN3208 Scottish Verse 30
EN3209 Scottish Fiction 30
EN3210 Twentieth-Century American Drama 30
EN3211 Culture and Society in Modern Scotland 30
EN3212 Modernist Literature: Making It New? 30
EN3213 Postcolonial Literature and Theory 30
EN3214 The Country and the City in Scottish Literature 30
EN3215 Atomic Cultures: Anglophone Writing and the Global Cold War 30
ES3001 Geological Mapping 15
ES3002 Analytical and Statistical Methods in Earth Sciences 15
ES3003 GIS and Spatial Analysis for Earth Scientists 15
ES3004 Processes and Products in Sedimentary Systems 15
ES3005 Field Remote Sensing Methods in Earth Sciences 15
ES3006 Advanced Geological Mapping 15
ES3007 Structural Geology and Tectonics 15
ES3008 Geochemistry 15
ES3009 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 15
ES3010 Advanced Environmental Field Methods 15
ES3011 Global Biogeochemical Cycles 15
ES3012 Advanced Geological and Environmental Field Methods 15
ES3099 Field Methods in Geosciences 30
FR3001 French Language 1 15
FR3002 French Language 2 15
FR3021 An Introduction to the French Classical Period 15
FR3025 From the Sublime to the Ridiculous: Nineteenth-Century French Theatre 15
FR3028 Plays, Players and Playwrights 1 15
FR3030 'Tartuffe' in Context, in Performance and in Translation 15
FR3059 From One War to Another: French Politics, Culture and Society 1914 - 1945 (1) 15
FR3063 De Gaulle and Since: Topics in the Politics, Culture and Society of the Fifth Republic (1) 15
FR3076 Writing the Nineteenth Century 1: French Literature, History and Politics 1848 - 1871 15
FR3077 Contemporary French Fiction 15
FR3078 Writing the Self in Twentieth- and Twenty-first Century French literature 15
FR3079 From Text to Screen: Novels and their Film Adaptations 15
FR3080 Intellectuals in Modern France 15
FR3081 The Court of Louis XIV 15
GG3100 Reconstructing Past Environments 20
GG3221 Geographies of Identity and Power 20
GG3224 HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa 20
GG3225 Managing Modern Cities: Strategies for Competitiveness, Sustainability and Social Justice 20
GG3226 Population Studies: Europe before 1914 20
GG3227 Colonial and Postcolonial Geographies 20
GG3229 Environmental Management in Scotland 20
GG3231 The Economic Geography of Homes and Neighbourhoods 20
GG3232 Housing, Community and Social-Spatial Justice 20
GG3233 Transport and Sustainability 20
GG3234 Migration and Transnationalism 20
GG3236 The Geography of Entrepreneurship and Self-employment 20
GG3237 Political and Cultural Geographies of the Border 20
GG3260 Periglacial Geomorphology 20
GG3261 Quaternary Geomorphology of Scotland 20
GG3262 Climate and Weather Systems 20
GG3263 Glaciers and Glaciation 20
GG3264 Oceans and Climate 20
GG3265 The Science of Climate Change 20
GG3266 Rivers and Floodplains 20
GG3267 Ecosystem Ecology 20
GG3268 Reconstructing Global Climate since the Romans 20
GG3269 Geochronology: Dating the Quaternary and Beyond 20
GG3270 Understanding and Interpreting Environmental Models 20
GG3271 Coastal Processes 20
GG3272 Biogeography 20
GG3273 Scrutinising Segregation: Geographies of Diversity and Inequality 20
GG3301 Special Topic for Joint or Major Honours in Geography (Junior Honours) 10
GG3302 Special Topic for Honours in Geography (Senior Honours) 10
GK3021 Greek for Honours Classics 1: Special Option 30
GK3022 Greek for Honours Classics 2: Special Option 30
GM3005 German Language 1 15
GM3006 German Language 2 15
GM3038 Understanding Modernism: Franz Kafka 15
GM3047 The Literature of Friedrich Nietzsche 15
GM3051 The German Novel After 1945 15
GM3070 Heroism in Modern German Literature 15
GM3071 Recent German Literature 15
GM3072 Gender and Sexuality in Pre-modern German Writing 15
GM3073 The Mediaeval Short Story 15
GM3074 Germany Identity and the 'Jewish Question' 15
GM3075 Thomas Mann - Doktor Faustus 15
GM3080 Grammatical Rules and Lexical Exceptions in Modern German 15
GM3081 Words and their Functions in Modern German 15
GM3082 Cultural Critique in Austrian Writing of the Twentieth Century 15
GM3083 Hartmann von Aue: Knights, Lovers, Sinners, Saints 15
GM3084 Future Shocks: Science and Technology in German Literature 15
GM3085 Mediaeval Encounters with the Orient: Wolfram von Eschenbach's Willehalm 15
GM3087 Bertolt Brecht: The Drama of Revolt 15
GM3088 Travel Writing in German since 1990 15
GM3089 The German Gothic (1800 - 2000) 15
GM3091 The Nazi Past in German Cultural Memory 15
IR3004 International Political Economy 30
IR3006 International Regimes and Organisations 30
IR3007 Democracy and Democratisation 30
IR3008 International Terrorism 30
IR3011 Ethics and World Politics 30
IR3013 Modern Ideologies 30
IR3021 Case Studies in Conflict Analysis 30
IR3022 International Relations and International Law 30
IR3023 US Foreign Policy: The Dilemmas of Empire 30
IR3024 The Politics of Africa 30
IR3025 International Security 30
IR3026 Diplomacy and Conflict Intervention 30
IR3027 American New World Orders of the Twentieth Century 30
IR3028 Politics of China 30
IR3029 The Logic of Irregular Warfare 30
IR3030 Human Rights in Theory and Practice 30
IR3031 Globalisation and the War on Terrorism 30
IR3032 Globalisation and its Disjunctures 30
IR3033 Post-Conflict Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa 30
IR3034 The Political Theory of War and Peace 30
IR3035 Peace Processes and Violence 30
IR3036 Public International Law and International Legal Theory 30
IR3037 Central Asian Studies 30
IR3038 Conflict Management, Settlement and Resolution 30
IR3039 International Relations of the European Union 30
IR3041 International Political Theory 30
IR3042 Representations of Violent Conflict: Research Seminar 30
IR3043 Approaches to Counter-Terrorism 30
IR3044 Pathways of European State Formation 30
IR3045 Violence in Deeply-Divided Societies 30
IR3046 Foreign Policy of Modern China 30
IR3047 Arrested Development? The Politics of Postcolonialism 30
IR3048 Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Intervention 30
IR3049 International History and International Relations 30
IR3050 State, Power, Crime 30
IR3051 International Relations Theory 30
IR3052 The Politics of Violence and Resistance in Latin America 30
IR3053 Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Transition in Latin America 30
IR3054 Mapping the Boundaries of Emerging and Evolving Securities 30
IR3055 International Relations and the Internet 30
IR3056 Political Leadership: Theories and History 30
IR3057 Armaments and International Relations 30
IR3058 Armed Forces, Societies and Governments: An International Perspective on Civil-Military Relations 30
IR3059 Anglo-American Relations Since 1939: The Special Relationship? 30
IR3060 Rebellion and Revolution 30
IR3061 International Political Theology: Christian Realism and Beyond 30
IR3062 The United Nations since 1945 30
IR3063 Organised Crime and Corruption 30
IR3064 Critical Terrorism Studies 30
IR3065 Refugees and International Relations 30
IR3066 Emotional Encounters: Diplomacy, Power and Persuasion in World Politics 30
IR3067 The International Criminal Court in World Politics 30
IR3101 Russian Politics and Foreign Policy after Communism 30
IR3104 The International Relations of Post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe 30
IR3111 Asian Security 30
IR3113 Gender and Generation 30
IR3300 Conflict in the Middle East 30
IR3301 Politics and State Formation in the Middle East 30
IR3302 Democracy and Revolution in North Africa 30
IT3001 Italian Language 1 15
IT3002 Italian Language 2 15
IT3009 History of the Italian Language 15
IT3012 Fourteenth Century Literature 15
IT3014 The Language and Literature of Renaissance Italy 15
IT3019 Contemporary Italian Narrative and Poetry 15
IT3022 Nineteenth-Century Literature 15
IT3035 Italian Detective Fiction 15
IT3036 Venice 15
IT3037 Contemporary Italian Woman Writers 15
IT3038 Primo Levi 15
IT3039 Emigrant Nation 15
LI3001 General Linguistics I: The method of lexical exceptions 15
LI3002 General Linguistics 2: Language Variation and Change 15
LT3017 Latin for Honours Classics 1 30
LT3018 Latin for Honours Classics 2 30
ME3012 Heroic History: The Age of Beowulf 30
ME3015 Heralds, Heraldry and History: Late Mediaeval Heraldic Studies 30
ME3016 Ireland in the Later Middle Ages: Nations and Conflicts 30
ME3101 Britons and Saxons 30
ME3102 Gildas and the Ruin of Britain c. 367 - 570 30
ME3103 Mediaeval Rome c. 590 - c. 1300 30
ME3104 The Vikings: Invasion, Settlement and Conversion c. 750 - 1200 30
ME3140 Roman and Native in North Britain 30
ME3141 Archaeological Evidence and the Historian 30
ME3142 The Castle in Mediaeval Scotland (1100 - 1550) 30
ME3162 The Mediaeval Castle 30
ME3163 The Imperial City: Byzantine and Ottoman Constantinople 30
ME3164 Archaeology of Late Antiquity and the Early Islamic Middle East: Architecture and Representations of Power (C4th-C12th) 30
ME3202 Byzantium and the West 800 - 1118 30
ME3203 The Crusades 30
ME3204 The Princess Historian: Anna Comnena 30
ME3206 Heretics and Social Outcasts in Western Europe 30
ME3212 Men, Women and Family in the Middle Ages 30
ME3214 Italian City States: from Communes to Signorie c. 1000- c. 1350 30
ME3216 Mediaeval Rome c590 - c1300 30
ME3218 Imperial and Christian Constantinople 30
ME3222 Inca Civilisation and its Destruction 30
ME3223 The Rise and Fall of the Carolingian Empire, c.750 - 900 30
ME3224 Legend and History in Sub-Roman Britain 30
ME3228 The Near East in the Age of Justinian and Muhammad c.527-700 30
ME3229 Eastern Approaches: Early Mediaeval Armenia c. 500 - 750 30
ME3230 The Mongols and the West 30
ME3231 Mediaeval Apocalyptic Traditions 400 - 1200 30
ME3232 Queens and Queenship in Early Mediaeval Europe 30
ME3233 Power and Identity after Rome 500 - 700 30
ME3234 Empires and Rebellions: The World of Adam of Bremen 30
ME3235 Mediaeval Political Thought 30
ME3236 Soldiers and Saints in Late Roman Gaul 30
ME3237 Legal Cultures in Late Antiquity 30
ME3238 Holy Lives in Late Antiquity 30
ME3239 Christians, Jews and Muslims in the Early Medieval West 30
ME3301 The End of the Middle Ages? Scotland and England in the Fifteenth Century 30
ME3302 Survival and Stability: the Foundations of the Stewart Dynasty, 1371-1460 30
ME3303 The Renaissance in Scotland 1450 - 1550 30
ME3304 Age of Conquest: Edward I - Scotland and Wales (1239 - 1307) 30
ME3305 Normans, Natives and Norsemen: Scotland c.1050 to 1250 30
ME3306 Pictavia to Albania: Scotland in the Viking Age 30
ME3307 Macbeth and his World: Rulers and Rulership in Eleventh Century North Britain 30
ME3308 Adomnan and his World: Scotland and Ireland in the Dark Ages 30
ME3309 Mediaeval St Andrews 30
ME3311 Bannockburn: War and National Identity in Late Mediaeval Europe 30
ME3312 Kings and Rebels: Realms and Borderlands in the British Isles 1350-1420 30
ME3313 Early Irish Society (c. 600-800) 30
ME3407 Courtroom Dramas: Literature, Law and Lordship 30
ME3408 The Black Death and the Peasants' Revolt in England 30
ME3417 The Middle Ages and the Movies 30
ME3418 The Vikings: Invasion, Settlement and Conversion c. 750 - 1200 30
ME3420 Rich and Poor in the Later Middle Ages 30
ME3423 Justifying Mediaeval Warfare 30
ME3425 The Age of Revolt (1250 - 1450) 30
ME3426 Women and Gender in the Later Middle Ages 30
ME3427 Nature and the Occult in the Late Middle Ages 30
ME3602 The Crusades viewed from the other side: Muslim perspectives 30
ME3608 Eastern Approaches: Early Mediaeval Armenia c. 500 - 750 30
ME3609 The Mongols and the West 30
ME3610 The Ottoman Empire from Mediaeval Anatolia to S³leyman the Magnificent 30
ME3611 The Eastern Roman Empire in the Reign of Justinian 527 - 565 30
ME3612 Cataclysm and Consolidation: the Reconfiguration of the Middle East in the Seventh Century 30
ME3613 The Formation of Islamic Iran: From the Arab Conquests to the Seljuq Empire (600 - 1200) 30
ME3614 The Eastern Roman World in the Late Middle Ages 30
ME3616 Missionaries, Assassins and State-builders: Militant Shiæism in the Mediaeval Muslim World 30
ME3617 The Mamluks And The Mamluk Sultanate 30
ME3904 The Vikings 30
ML3003 Modern Languages Presentation 5
ML3201 Grammatical Rules and Lexical Exceptions 15
MN3101 Corporate Finance and Control 20
MN3102 Organisation Studies 20
MN3116 Financial Markets and Investments 20
MN3126 International Business 20
MN3128 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 20
MN3201 Research Methods: 1 20
MN3202 Research Methods: 2 20
MN3901 Management Learning 30
MO3005 The Early Reformation in Europe (1517 - 1555) 30
MO3011 Society and Religious Change in Sixteenth-Century France 30
MO3015 Mental World of the Individual 1550 - 1880 30
MO3019 The Life of the Mind: Key Texts in European Thought (1512 - 1697) 30
MO3025 Empire and Nation: The Development of Colonial British America 1607 - 1770 30
MO3026 Art and Piety in Western Europe 1400 - 1750 30
MO3027 Women and Men in Europe (1500 - 1800) 30
MO3028 The reign of Henry VIII, 1509 - 1547 30
MO3029 The Northern Renaissance 30
MO3030 The English Nobility, 1450 - 1700 30
MO3033 Europeans in Asia in the Early Modern Period 30
MO3034 Picturing Politics and Society in Early Modern England: Images of Power and Corruption from c1630 - c1800 30
MO3035 The Decline of Spain 1556-1700 30
MO3036 The Italian Renaissance 30
MO3037 Renaissance Information Technology and Print Culture 30
MO3038 War and the State in the Era of the "Military Revolution" (1550 - 1730) 30
MO3039 Englands Long Reformation: The Politics of Religion, c.1500 - c.1700 30
MO3040 From Cradle To Grave: Living and Dying in Early Modern England (c. 1500 - 1800) 30
MO3041 Culture and Mentalities in Early Modern England (c. 1500 - 1800) 30
MO3042 News: Before the Daily (1400 - 1800) 30
MO3043 Early Modern Rome (1300 - 1667) 30
MO3044 Topics in Renaissance Venice 30
MO3045 The Politics of Monarchy in Tudor and Stuart England, 1500 - 1685 30
MO3046 The Uses of History and the Past in Early Modern Britain and Ireland 30
MO3047 The Tudors: Power and Piety in Sixteenth-Century England 30
MO3048 Witches and Witch-hunting in Early Modern Europe 30
MO3049 Political Thought From Machiavelli to Tocqueville 30
MO3050 The Northern World (1523 - 1725) 30
MO3063 Pirates and Privateers in Early Modern Scottish History 30
MO3080 The Iranian World from the Timurids to the Safavids (1370 - 1722) 30
MO3081 The Ottoman Empire 1300 - 1700 30
MO3103 The Rise of Prussia c. 1600 - 1786 30
MO3104 Transformation of the European Nobility, c. 1600 - 1800 30
MO3110 African Americans in Slavery and Freedom, 1620 - 1865 30
MO3111 The Restoration Worlds of Samuel Pepys 30
MO3113 Stuart Rule and Revolution (1603 - 1689) 30
MO3162 Early Modern Scotland in the age of British Unions (1603-1707) 30
MO3163 Scotland and the Wider World 30
MO3165 North Britons: Patriotism and Identity in Scotland 1680 - 1830 30
MO3166 Debating Britain: Anglo-Scottish Unionism 1521 - 1707 30
MO3214 The Decline and Fall of the French Old Regime (1715 - 1789) 30
MO3215 Persia in the 18th Century - 1722-1834 (Age of the Warlords) 30
MO3217 Travel Cultures in Europe in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries 30
MO3218 The American Revolution 30
MO3220 The Enlightenment and the World 30
MO3222 French Fancy and Cool Britannia? Franco-British Cultural Relations from Seven Years' War to French Revolution 30
MO3223 Early colonial South Asia (c. 1700 - 1857) 30
MO3260 Constructing Identities: Scottish Historians and the Past, 1707 - 1832 30
MO3263 British Culture in the Eighteenth Century 30
MO3280 Persia in the 18th Century - 1722-1834 (Age of the Warlords) 30
MO3302 Imperial Russia 1815 - 1917 30
MO3308 Approaches to Historical Theory 30
MO3309 Evolution of British Democracy 1832-1918 30
MO3314 History of Environmentalism: The Politics of Nature in the Western World (c. 1800 to Present) 30
MO3317 A 'Struggle for Mastery in Europe'? German Foreign Policy from Bismarck to Hitler, 1871-1939 30
MO3318 Revolutions, Nationalism and Reaction: 1848-1849 in the German Lands 30
MO3319 'Power without Responsibility' The British Press and Politics (1850 - 1939) 30
MO3320 Imperialism and Nationalism: The British Empire in India 1857 - 1947 30
MO3321 Russia - Real and Imagined: Ideas, Identity, and Culture (1800 - 2000) 30
MO3322 French Algeria, 1830 - 1962 30
MO3323 Splendid Isolation or Continental Commitment? Britain and Europe (1814 - 1914) 30
MO3326 Jihad, Community and Identity: Islamic political thought past and present 30
MO3328 Making Italians: Region, Nation and Empire in Italy from Unification to Fascism 30
MO3329 The Kaiser: Aspects of Emperor Wilhelm II, 1859 - 1941 30
MO3330 The French Media since 1870 30
MO3331 The Victorians: Religion and Respectability 30
MO3332 Central Europe: From Belle Epoque to Bloodlands 30
MO3333 Nationalism and Language in Central Europe 30
MO3334 Nature and Society in Victorian Britain 30
MO3335 The Japanese Empire and its Aftermath (1873 - 1952) 30
MO3336 Mediterranean Colonialism: Colonisers and Colonised in France, Spain, Italy and North Africa 1890s - 1950s 30
MO3337 China's Revolutions (1850 - 1989) 30
MO3338 Disease and the Environment (c. 1500 - 2000) 30
MO3339 Canada - From Age of Exploration to Age of Energy 30
MO3340 British Industrialisation (1700-1840) 30
MO3341 The United States (1783-1896) 30
MO3342 The French Revolution (1787-1795) 30
MO3343 Business in Great Waters...: Ships and Seafarers, 1700-1914 30
MO3344 Science and Nation-Building in Europe (1750 - 1900) 30
MO3345 Print Culture in Britain (1750 - 1900) 30
MO3346 Politics, Culture and Society in the French Revolution (1789-1815) 30
MO3347 Radical Politics in England 30
MO3348 'Army with a Country'? The Military and Militarism in Prusso-German History (1640 - 1945) 30
MO3349 The American Metropolis 30
MO3350 The American Constitution: Past and Present 30
MO3351 Doing and Practicing Transnational and Global History in the Late Modern World 30
MO3352 Migrant South Asia (c. 17th-20th centuries) 30
MO3360 The Weaker Sex? Women and Scottish Society 1800 - 1970 30
MO3361 Scottish Social Problems 1800 - 1990 30
MO3362 Highland Clearances: Reality and Myth 30
MO3363 Crime, Protest and Policing in Scotland (1780-1914) 30
MO3364 Hidden from History: Women in Scotland 30
MO3365 Nationalism and Unionism in Modern Scotland 30
MO3381 French Algeria, 1830 - 1962 30
MO3385 Modern Iran since 1834: Reform and Revolution 30
MO3386 Religion and State in Iran from the Rise of the Safavid dynasty until the Constitutional Movement (1501-1911) 30
MO3404 Britain in the Era of the Great War 30
MO3406 The Soviet Union 30
MO3410 The Third Reich: History and Historiography 30
MO3419 The French 'Civil Wars' of the Twentieth Century 30
MO3421 Making People's Music: Folk Music Revival and Society in the United States (1900 - 1970) 30
MO3422 The United States in Depression and War (1929 - 1945) 30
MO3423 Dictatorship in Practice: Everyday Life in Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Franco's Spain and the Stalinist Soviet Union 30
MO3424 De-colonising Asia (c. 1914 - 1975) 30
MO3502 War and Welfare: Britain 1939 - 1951 30
MO3504 Central and Eastern Europe since 1945 30
MO3508 America and Vietnam 30
MO3513 Heavenly Decade: The 1960s 30
MO3514 The Life and Times of the Atom Bomb 30
MO3516 Popular Culture, Nation and Society: Leisure in Britain 1880 - 1960 30
MO3520 History, Memory and Identity in Postwar Western Europe (1945 - 2005) 30
MO3523 Postcolonial Europe: empire and its legacies in Western Europe since 1945 30
MO3714 Religion and State in Iran from the Rise of the Safavid dynasty until the Constitutional Movement (1501-1911) 30
MT3501 Linear Mathematics 2 15
MT3502 Real Analysis 15
MT3503 Complex Analysis 15
MT3504 Differential Equations 15
MT3505 Algebra: Rings and Fields 15
MT3506 Techniques of Applied Mathematics 15
MT3507 Mathematical Statistics 15
MT3508 Applied Statistics 15
MT3802 Numerical Analysis 15
MT3832 Mathematical Programming 15
MT3852 Automata, Languages and Complexity 15
MU3001 Concert Performance 30
PH3007 Electromagnetism 15
PH3012 Thermal and Statistical Physics 15
PH3014 Transferable Skills for Physicists 15
PH3061 Quantum Mechanics 1 10
PH3062 Quantum Mechanics 2 10
PH3074 Electronics 15
PH3080 Computational Physics 10
PH3081 Mathematics for Physicists 15
PH3082 Mathematics for Chemistry / Physics 20
PH3101 Physics Laboratory 1 15
PN3312 Pharmacology 20
PN3313 Neuroscience 20
PR3001 Higher Intermediate Persian 1 15
PR3002 Higher Intermediate Persian 2 15
PR3020 Key Texts in Modern Persian Literature 15
PR3021 Modern Iran through Cinema 15
PR3022 Modernity and Iranian Drama 15
PS3007 Perception, Cognition and Action 15
PS3008 Brain and Behaviour 1 15
PS3009 Brain and Behaviour 2 15
PS3010 Social, Evolutionary and Developmental Psychology 1 15
PS3011 Social, Evolutionary and Developmental Psychology 2 15
PS3012 Conceptual Issues and Individual Differences in Psychology 15
PS3021 Research Design and Analysis 1 15
PS3022 Research Design and Analysis 2 15
PS3031 Conceptual Issues and Theoretical Perspectives 10
PS3032 Assessment in Clinical Psychology 10
PS3033 Developmental Psychology 10
PS3034 Social Psychology 10
PS3035 Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience 10
PS3036 Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology 10
PS3037 Perception 10
PS3038 Cognition 10
PS3990 Social and Evolutionary Psychology 15
PS3993 Social and Evolutionary Psychology (97) 15
PS3994 Perceptual Processes (1998) 15
PY3100 Reading Philosophy 1: Texts in Language, Logic, Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics and Science 30
PY3200 Reading Philosophy 2: Texts in Ethics, Metaethics, Religion, Aesthetics and Political Philosophy 30
RU3001 Advanced Russian Language 1, Part 1 15
RU3002 Advanced Russian Language 1, Part 2 15
RU3005 Advanced Russian Translation 1 15
RU3021 Russian Poetry of the Golden Age 15
RU3022 The Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel 15
RU3024 A Special Russian Author of the Nineteenth Century 15
RU3025 Russian Fiction 1880 - 1917 15
RU3026 Russian Modernist Fiction 1900 - 1940 15
RU3027 Soviet Fiction 1917 - 1940 15
RU3030 A Special Russian Author of the Twentieth Century 15
RU3031 Russian 'Village Prose': 1953 - 1980 15
RU3041 Early Nineteenth-Century Russian Intellectual History 15
RU3042 Late Nineteenth-Century Russian Intellectual History 15
RU3043 Theatre and Performance in Twentieth-Century Russia 15
RU3044 Russia's Literary Easts 15
RU3045 Russian ?migrÚ Writing 15
RU3046 Soviet Culture Under Stalin 15
RU3110 Advanced Russian Translation 2 15
SA3030 Critical Thinkers and Formative Texts 30
SA3031 Anthropological Study of Language and Culture 30
SA3032 Regional Ethnography 1 30
SA3033 Regional Ethnography 2 30
SA3049 Perception, Imagination and Communication 30
SA3050 Interpreting Social and Cultural Phenomena 30
SA3053 Individuality, Community and Morality 30
SA3055 Anthropology and History 30
SA3056 Melanesian Anthropology 30
SA3057 Sex and Gender 30
SA3059 Colonial and Post-Colonial Representations 30
SA3060 Contemporary Issues in Social Anthropology 30
SA3062 Anthropology, Indigenous Peoples and Resource Extraction 30
SA3063 Anthropology of Religion 30
SA3064 The Anthropology of Migration 30
SA3506 Methods in Social Anthropology 30
SD3001 Case Studies in Sustainable Development 1 20
SD3002 Review Essay in Sustainable Development 20
SD3003 Policy, People and Participation: Case Studies in Sustainable Development 30
SD3203 Interdisciplinary Research in Sustainable Development 50
SD3204 Method, Field , Data: Doing Research in Sustainable Development 40
SD3221 Frontiers in Sustainability Research: Do Good Lives Cost the Earth? 20
SD3222 Governance for Sustainability 20
SD3223 Navigating the Complexity of Coupled Social and Ecological Systems 20
SD3224 Introduction to Environmental Economics 20
SD3225 Transitioning to sustainability: the nature of community in multi-level governance and action for sustainability 20
SD3237 Placing Sustainability: Knowledge & Wellbeing for the Anthropocene 20
SG3235 Science, Society and Natural Resource Management 20
SG3272 Socio-ecological systems 20
SG3273 Remote Sensing for Environmental and Social Research 20
SG3274 Landscape Ecology and Sustainable Science 20
SP3001 Spanish Language 1 15
SP3002 Spanish Language 2 15
SP3006 Literary Translation 15
SP3007 Practical Translation 15
SP3011 History of the Spanish Language 15
SP3111 Honours Spanish I (Science) 15
SP3112 Honours Spanish 2 (Science) 15
SP3121 Spanish American Literature I (Gauchos and Indians) 15
SP3122 Spanish American Literature 2 15
SP3123 Spanish Cinema (Topic) 15
SP3124 Spanish Cinema (Director) 15
SP3138 Mexico in the Nineteenth Century 15
SP3140 Literature and Politics in Spain 1930 - 1939 15
SP3143 Cinema and Literature in Spain 1920 - 1936 15
SP3145 Post-1975 Writing in Spain 1 15
SP3147 The Art of Subversion in Post-War Spain (1939-1975) 15
SP3148 The Argentine and Chilean Avant-Garde (1920s-1930's) 15
SP3157 Autobiographical Writing in Twentieth-Century Spain 15
SP3158 Representations of the Urban: Twentieth-Century Buenos Aires 15
SP3159 Gender and Violence in Golden Age Literature 15
SP3160 Facing the New: Spanish Literature and Society (1888 - 1918) 15
SP3161 Rebels, Reactionaries, Reformers: Women Writers in Nineteenth-century Spain 15
SP3162 Strange Girls and Domestic Angels: Women's Writing in Spain 15
SP3163 Tales of the Nation 15
SP3221 Language, Conflict and Society 15
SP3222 Language, Love and Loss 15
MO3461 Britain in the 1920s and 1930s: Aspects of everyday life 30
- Not all modules are available in every academic year and/or semester
- Individual modules may have requisites to satisfy to be eligible to select them

For further details, see the module catalogue entry for each individual module above

Further requirements

Choose 120 credits in academic year

Over years 3 and 4 students must take at least 36 credits (St Andrews) / 9 credit hours (William & Mary) from EC3302-3306, EC4401 or the William & Mary equivalent modules.
Students must take at least 90 credits (St Andrews)/ 22.5 credit hours (William & Mary) from EC4000 level modules (St Andrews) or from ECON400 (William & Mary) modules over years 3 and 4 of the programme.
Students must take at least 180 credits in EC3000 and EC4000 and ECON300 and ECON400 modules over years 3 and 4 of the programme.

Study abroad

In the case of students who spend part of the Honours programme on a recognised Study Abroad scheme, the Programme Requirements will be amended to take into account overseas courses which are approved by the relevant St Andrews School in the Learning Agreement (see ).