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Master of Science Astrophysics

Master of Science Astrophysics
Code Module name Credits
AS5500 Research Skills in Astrophysics 30 AND
View list 90 credits from Module List: AS4010 - AS4011, AS5001 - AS5003, AS5521 - AS5524, MT4510, PH5011, PH5023 AND
AS4010 Extragalactic Astronomy 15
AS4011 The Physics of Nebulae and Stars 1 15
AS5001 Advanced Data Analysis 15
AS5002 Magnetofluids and Space Plasmas 15
AS5003 Contemporary Astrophysics 15
AS5521 Observational Techniques in Astrophysics 15
AS5522 Stellar Physics 15
AS5523 Gravitational Dynamics and Accretion Physics 15
AS5524 Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics 15
MT4510 Solar Theory 15
PH5011 General Relativity 15
PH5023 Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Techniques 15
- Not all modules are available in every academic year and/or semester
- Individual modules may have requisites to satisfy to be eligible to select them

For further details, see the module catalogue entry for each individual module above
AS5599 Astrophysics Research Project (MSc) 60

Further requirements

select 180 credits in academic year