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Master of Science Mineral Resources

Master of Science Mineral Resources
Code Module name Credits
ES5303 Applied Geological Mapping 15 AND
ES5304 3D Geological Modelling 15 AND
ES5300 Magmatic-related Ore Deposits 15 AND
ES5301 Mineral Exploration 15 AND
ES5013 Advanced Petrogenesis 15 AND
ES5302 Hydrothermal Ore Deposits 15 AND
ES5009 Geodynamics 15 AND
ES3003 GIS and Spatial Analysis for Earth Scientists 15 AND
ES5099 Research Project 60

Further requirements

select 180 credits in academic year

If students have prior experience of the above modules, the following are suitable substitutes:
ES3004 – Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
ES3007 – Structure and Tectonics
ES4007 – Petroleum Exploration and Geophysics
ES5005 – Isotope Geochemistry
ES5010 – Advanced Geochemistry