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Master of Science Catalysis

Master of Science Catalysis
Code Module name Credits
CH5511 Homogeneous Catalysis 10 AND
CH5713 Surface Science and Heterogeneous Catalysis 10 AND
CH5811 Introduction to Metal Catalysis, Organocatalysis and Biocatalysis 20 AND
CH5822 Research Skills in Chemistry 20 AND
CH5831 Literature Review for MSc 10 AND
CH5832 Contemporary Research Awareness 20 AND
View list 30 credits from Module List: CH4514, CH4614, CH5517 - CH5518, CH5611 - CH5614, CH5616, CH5711, CH5714 - CH5717 AND
CH4514 Advanced Metal Chemistry 10
CH4614 Heterocyclic and Pericyclic Chemistry 10
CH5517 Advanced Physical Inorganic Chemistry 10
CH5518 Blockbuster Solids 10
CH5611 Asymmetric Synthesis 10
CH5612 Natural Products, Biosynthesis and Enzyme Co-factors 10
CH5613 Reactive Intermediates 10
CH5614 Chemical Biology 10
CH5616 Molecular Recognition 10
CH5711 Advanced Spectroscopic Methods 10
CH5714 Chemical Applications of Electronic Structure Calculations 10
CH5715 Energy Conversion and Storage 10
CH5716 Processing of Materials 10
CH5717 Nanostructured Materials 10
- Not all modules are available in every academic year and/or semester
- Individual modules may have requisites to satisfy to be eligible to select them

For further details, see the module catalogue entry for each individual module above
CH5841 Research Project for MSc 60

Further requirements

select 180 credits in academic year

Please balance your selectons across the academic year.