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Master of Research Anthropology, Art and Perception

Master of Research Anthropology, Art and Perception
Code Module name Credits
View list 120 credits from Module List: SA5010 - SA5011, SA5020 - SA5021 AND
SA5010 Research Methods in Social Anthropology 30
SA5011 The Anthropology of Connections: Interdisciplinarity as Methodology 30
SA5020 Anthropology, Art and Perception 1 30
SA5021 Anthropology, Art and Perception 2 30
- Not all modules are available in every academic year and/or semester
- Individual modules may have requisites to satisfy to be eligible to select them

For further details, see the module catalogue entry for each individual module above
( SA5099 Dissertation 60 OR
SA5022 Art and Perception 3: Dissertation with Practical Element 60 )

Further requirements

select 180 credits in academic year

Students may substitute up to 30 credits from 3000- , 4000- or 5000-level SA modules, with the approval of the Course Coordinator.