Collaborative Research Grant awards

2023 awarded projects

'Identification of proteins that buffer nuclear cAMP to regulate signaling: from single molecule assays to intact cells'

  • Dr Paolo Annibale (St Andrews PI), School of Physics and Astronomy
  • Prof. Laura Finzi (Emory PI), Department of Physics

‘Considering Household Division of Labor when Engaging Civic Participation in Environmental Stewardship’ 

  • Dr Jason Jacques (St Andrews PI), School of Computer Science
  • Dr Kristin Williams (Emory PI), Department of Computer Science

2022 awarded project

 ‘Traveling With Languages: Translation and Migration’ 

  • Dr Emily Finer (St Andrews PI), School of Modern Languages
  • Professor Miriam Udel (Emory PI), Department of German Studies

2021 awarded projects

‘Implications of Covid-19 Mitigation Measures for Mental Health of Older Adults in the U.S. and U.K.’

  • Dr Jo Mhairi Hale (St Andrews PI), School of Geography and Sustainable Development
  • Dr Solveig Cunningham (Emory PI), Department of Global Health

‘Sodium pumps as emergency brakes in the brain’ 

  • Dr Stefan Pulver (St Andrews PI), School of Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Dr Astrid Prinz (Emory PI), Department of Biology 

2020 awarded project

'Combining research expertise to fight the debilitating parasitic disease schistosomiasis, improving human health and wellbeing in Africa and beyond'

  • Prof. Andrew Brierley (St Andrews PI), School of Biology
  • Dr David Civitello (Emory PI), Department of Biology