Joint Seed Funding awards

2023 awarded projects

'Organizing for the future: public and private approaches to managing sustainability'

  • Prof. John Ferguson (St Andrews PI), Business School
  • Dr Michal Plaček (Charles PI), Department of Public and Social Policy

'Tackling antigypsyism through research and pedagogy’

  • Dr Paloma Gay y Blasco (St Andrews PI), School of Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies
  • Dr Yasar Abu Ghosh (Charles PI), Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

'Inclusive Community Building through Digital Heritage Preservation in Times of Crisis: Strategies for Cohesive Resilience in the Face of War, Migration, and Climate Change'

  • Dr Alan Miller (St Andrews PI), School of Computer Science
  • Dr Tomáš Klír (Charles PI), Department of Archaeology

'Peat carbon accumulation across climatic, hydrological and ecological gradients in the greater Amazon basin’

  • Dr Ian Lawson (St Andrews PI), School of Geography and Sustainable Development
  • Dr Adam Hastie (Charles PI), Faculty of Science

2022 awarded projects

‘Coastal heritage and climate change: developing strategies for multiscale and multidisciplinary risk management’

  • Prof. Tom Dawson (St Andrews PI), School of History
  • Prof. Gianvito Scaringi (Charles PI), Institute of Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Applied Geophysics

‘Medieval Explorations’ 

  • Prof. Ian Johnson (St Andrews PI), School of English
  • Prof. Lucie Doležalová (Charles PI), Institute for Greek and Latin Study

‘Borderworlds: Temporal, Geographical and Psychosocial exploration of Symbolic Borders’

  • Dr Stavroula Pipyrou (St Andrews PI), School of Philosophical, Anthropological and Film Studies
  • Dr Kateřina Králová (Charles PI), Institute of International Studies