Collaborative Research Grant awards

2024 awarded projects 

'G4-unwinding mechanism of Pif1 helicases during replication: the mechanics of removing DNA roadblocks'

  • Prof. Carlos Penedo (St Andrews PI), School of Biology and School of Physics and Astronomy
  • Prof. Dr. Katrin Paeschke (Bonn PI), Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical 

'Illuminating synthetic replicator networks towards controlling and positioning autonomous chemical systems'

  • Prof. Douglas Philp (St Andrews PI), School of Chemistry
  • Dr Larissa von Krbek (Bonn PI), Kekulé-Institute for Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

'SLIC as a point of care diagnostic for infected joints'

  • Dr Phil Walmsley (St Andrews PI), School of Medicine
  • Prof. Dr Dieter C. Wirtz (Bonn PI),  Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery

2023 awarded projects 

'Narrative Space and Possible Worlds: Encountering Ancient Narratives from a Cognitive Science Perspective'

  • Dr Lenia Kouneni (St Andrews PI), School of Art History
  • Dr Jan Rüggemeier (Bonn PI), Department of New Testament Studies

'Coordinating rhythm generation in motor systems: a computational neuroscience collaboration coordinated across the Universities of St Andrews, Bonn, and Emory'

  • Dr Stefan Pulver (St Andrews PI), School of Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Prof. Michael Pankratz (Bonn PI, Life & Medical Sciences Institute

2022 awarded projects 

'Maritime governance and irregular migration from the Gulf of Guinea to Europe: analyzing the (un)intended consequences of the European Union’s engagement’

  • Dr Ifesinachi Okafor-Yarwood (St Andrews PI), School of Geography and Sustainable Development
  • Prof. Dr Anna-Katharina Hornidge (Bonn PI), Institute for Political Science and Sociology

'The Gravitational Constant 1890-1915 – From the Local to the Universal’

  • Prof. Isobel Falconer (St Andrews PI), School of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Prof. Dennis Lehmkuhl (Bonn PI) Institute of Philosophy

'High Sensitivity Techniques to Probe Conformational Changes in Biomolecules with Spatio-Temporal Resolution in vitro and in cell’

  • Prof. Graham Smith (St Andrews PI) School of Physics and Astronomy 
  • Prof. Dr Olav Schiemann (Bonn PI) School of Chemistry 

2021 awarded projects 

'Literature, the Arts, and the Transformations of the Public Sphere, 1715–1815'

  • Prof. Seán Allan (St Andrews PI), School of Modern Languages
  • Prof. Christian Moser (Bonn PI), Institute for German Studies, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

'New Computational Methods to Dissect Complex Disorders'

  • Prof. Silvia Paracchini (St Andrews PI) School of Medicine
  • Prof. Markus M. Nöthen (Bonn PI) Institute of Human Genetics, School of Medicine