The School of Psychology and Neuroscience holds two regular seminar series throughout semester 1 and 2, which are open to all staff and students.

Psycholoquia (Thursday, 1pm)

A weekly meeting for postgraduate students to present their most recent research findings and give insights into ongoing science.

Research Seminar (Friday, 1pm)

A weekly seminar series which covers a wide range of topics in Psychology and Neuroscience, spanning from cellular processes to collective behaviour. Leading scientists from the UK and beyond are invited to deliver talks on their current research activities.

Jeeves Lecture

These annual lectures were instigated in honour of Emeritus Professor Malcolm Jeeves (CBE, Hon DSc (Edin), FPRSE), the School's Foundation Professor of Psychology (1969-1993). The lectures are given by eminent psychologists and neuroscientists and the Principal of the University usually takes the Chair. In addition to staff and students of the University, members of the public are also welcome at this lecture.

For further information, please contact the School of Psychology and Neuroscience office.