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Institute for Early Diagnosis Information has been launched

8 October 2019

A new institute, created to help improve earlier diagnosis of cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental health and infection, has been launched at the University of St Andrews.

The Sir James Mackenzie Institute for Early Diagnosis Information is an international collaboration including institutions and researchers from Ireland, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States and sub-Saharan Africa, sharing knowledge, skills and ideas with the aim of diagnosing diseases to allow for earlier, and more successful treatment.

Group of people in the Quad.
Left to right: Professor David Crossman, Dean of Medicine, Dr Daniel Levy, Director of the Framingham Heart Study, Professor Sally Mapstone, Principal of the University, and Professor Frank Sullivan, Director of the Mackenzie Institute.

The new Institute will be led by Professor Frank Sullivan of the School of Medicine at the University and will focus on three research areas: Health Data Research led by Professor Colin McCowan of the School of Medicine; Digital Diagnostics and Emerging Technologies led by Dr Peter Caie of the School of Medicine; and Biophotonics in Early Diagnosis led by Professor Kishan Dholakia of the School of Physics and Astronomy.

The Institute was officially opened Monday 23 September 2019 by the Principal of the University, Professor Sally Mapstone, 100 years after Mackenzie opened his own research institute at St Andrews.